6 Reasons the Ghostbusters Reboot is a Hit


The release of the so-called “all female” Ghostbusters has proven to be a big hit. That also means its naysayers were wrong. With a litany of complaints such as “they should’ve been the original Ghostbusters’ daughters!” “they should have named it Ghostbusters 3!” and “It’s only a Ghostbusters movies if guys are in it!” some people turned the movie into a weird battle in the culture war. Well, Ghostbusters won, and here’s why.


Stars Fought Back. Faced with an insane number of trolls and “dislikes” on social media, the movie’s stars felt free to mix it up with their detractors. Melissa McCarthy told Jimmy Kimmel

“What they don’t say when they’re typing is that one minute after they type, their mom is like, ‘Get upstairs and take out the garbage! You’re 45 years old!’ ”

It’s Making Money. Sony decided against opening the movie in China, where the content is not approved by government censors and the movie was never shown in its 1980s form. Even without the Chinese market, Ghostbusters is going off like gangbusters. The movie opened higher than Sony’s estimates, with $45 million in its opening weekend. The movie, now in its second week, has grossed $65 million.


It’s Selling Action Figures. The lack of female action figures has long been a sore point for girls and boys who are not into princesses. Star Wars, DC and Marvel have all been criticized for forgetting to market to female fans with toys based on female characters. Well Ghostbusters greatly exceeded expectations. The toys are not only resonating with girls, boys like them too.

Melissa McCarthy is One of Movie’s Biggest Stars. Yes, that’s right, Melissa McCarthy. Despite her consistent ability to open movies, McCarthy’s career is constantly questioned by media. The most infamous story comes from Forbes, which asked “Can Melissa McCarthy’s career survive all these hit movies?” LOL. Sorry everyone, you’re just going to have to admit that she is one of the few stars who can guarantee a $20 million opening weekend. Hollywood has desperately been trying to make Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill happen, yet neither can open a movie that isn’t made by Marvel or DC.

TV Comedy Women FTW. All four of these women came from the TV world and director Paul Fieg fought for them to star in this movie. Although Wiig is known for being a Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids star and McCarthy rules comedy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon were not widely known outside of SNL. Both are going to be huge stars now, and deservedly so. Their rise caps an amazing year for the women of TV comedy.

Little Girls Get Some Role Models. Little girls desperately need role models that aren’t just princesses. The movie has been huge for little girls. Young Matilda Barnett, age 7, made her own costume complete with proton pack made from yarn and a water bottle. Her adorableness lit up social media, drawing words of excitement from Feig, who said “Okay, this is why we made this movie.”