7 Romantic Places You’ve Never Heard Of


When we think about romantic destinations, the first thing that pops into our mind are cities like Paris or Venice. They are established romantic cities that attract couples from all around the world. But, did you try and think outside the box? Did you look for a place that is unknown and hidden? Well, we did!

There are many places that can be as romantic as popular destinations, but most people don’t know about them. This is why we decided to bring you a list of 7 romantic places that you’ve never heard of. These places are less crowded and also cheaper. Still you will get that romantic feel you are searching for. So, let’s check them out.

Hvar – Croatia

This little Mediterranean gem isn’t something you will encounter every day. The stunning architecture of the island alongside the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear sea will set up everything you need for a romantic vacation.


You can choose to spend your days roaming through vineyards and olive gardens. Or, you can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful surrounding while eating some of the most delicious seafood specialties in the world.

The Maldives

The Maldives have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But, you don’t have to spend your entire day just sunbathing. You can choose to dive and research the coral reefs or just take a small boat and escape from the outside world in one of many lagoons scattered around.


If you are an adventurous type, there is something for you as well since the waters around here are known to be perfect for surfing. This is definitely a place you will have a hard time leaving.

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber – Germany

If you want something more than just nice hotels and beaches, then this beautiful city in Germany could be just the thing you are asking for. This medieval town is the best preserved one in the whole of Germany, with some of the buildings dating from 12 century.

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber

There are plenty of things to do here, but we recommend visiting a Christmas Village that is there all year round. In addition you will enjoy just getting lost in the city’s enchanting architecture that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

Carcassonne – France

Let’s say you want to have a romantic trip to France, but Paris sounds too crowded or expensive. Maybe you have already been there, and want to try something new? Then head out to the south of France, in this fortified medieval city of Carcassonne, part of UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.


It will be something you and your partner will cherish for the rest of your lives. You can enjoy the surroundings and experience the city from many different perspectives. After you get tired, just head to one of many wineries and get a taste of best French vines.

Hoi An – Vietnam

For all foodies that want to try something new, Hoi An represents a must visit destination. It is widely regarded as one of the culinary capitals of Asia. The food is inspired by cultural influences from East and Southeast Asia, offering a distinctive experience that is rarely found anywhere else. If you happen to like the food, you can take one of many cooking classes offered in the city. You will learn the unique techniques for preparing this type of food.

Hoi An

Food isn’t the only thing that can be experienced in Hoi An. Although you don’t need much else to be satisfied. The city offers much more activities like a visit to one of it numerous museums, motorbike rides through the old city quarters or kayaking down the Thu Bon River.


This autonomous territory is located near China and Hong Kong, offering a bit of both. If Las Vegas is too mainstream for you, but you still want a blend of adventure and fine living, Macau will be the perfect romantic destination for you and your partner.


The possibilities are endless. You can spend your days gambling in the casinos and your nights visiting the clubs. If that’s too much, then head to Coloane, nearby place that was home for pirates in the 19th century but now offers a perfect Asian culture getaway for couples.

Iguazu Falls – Border between Brazil And Argentina

If you are into waterfalls and romantic stories, you should definitely consider this one. Iguazu Falls are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. They represent the biggest waterfall system in the world being taller than Niagara Falls. Besides being a beautiful place, there is a legend about Iguazu Falls. This legend attracts many visitors from around the world.

Iguazu Falls

The legend is about the Guarani tribe that inhabited the place. It tells that they used to sacrificed a young virgin each year for the river monster named Boi. Young warrior Taroba fell in love with A Naipi. She was the girl next in line to be sacrificed. And Taroba decided to escape with her. The monster saw the lovers escaping and lashed its tail which hit the river and split it. This separated the lovers forever and this is how the Iguazu Falls were created.

This unique place will definitely offer a unique experience for all couples.

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