8 Common Phobias


A fearless person who is without a phobia doesn’t exist in reality. Everyone has a certain irrational reaction to a particular event or an object. Phobias can be categorized as anxiety disorders that can cause nervousness and panic attacks to victims. A list on 8 common phobias has been constructed to prove that you aren’t alone in dealing with phobias. Have a look!

8. Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is a phobia that manages to strike deep fear into the hearts of many Review people. Elevators are often associated as a major trigger for this sort of phobia. Basically, people who fear of getting trapped in enclosed spaces with minimum signs of escape routes are claustrophobic in nature. Claustrophobia is also similar to agoraphobia where victims perceive a certain environment to be dangerous and uncomfortable.

7. Nosophobia

The irrational fear of having or contracting a specific disease is known as nosophobia. Although similar to hypochondriasis, victims of nosophobia believe that they possess the symptoms of a particular specific disease. They are assured and convinced of their ailment.

6. Arachnophobia

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and around one in every twenty people are victims of this phobia. It isn’t unusual for the victims to displeased start sweating profusely when they come across a spider or even a spider web. Any activity that carries the risk of exposure to spiders is greatly shunned by victims of this phobia. So, hiking and camping plans with them can go for a toss.

5. Trypanophobia

In the simplest of terms, Trypanophobia is the fear of injections. This phobia isn’t usually treated as it isn’t too difficult for victims Dagritmekaarten to avoid situations that trigger the fear. Since every cloud has a silver lining, victims of this phobia can take solace in the fact that they’ll never be involved in drug abusing activities that include the usage of syringes and injections.

4. Ophidiophobia

The abnormal fear of snakes is termed as ophidiophobia. Nobody likes getting close to a poisonous snake, but if you fear even the harmless ones and can’t get yourself to marvel at the beauty of those reptiles, you suffer from ophidiophobia. The mere mention of a snake can even get the victims to tremble with fear and nervousness.

3. Astraphobia

This phobia is common amongst young kids and children. If we are to take the movie, Ted, into consideration, a few men and teddy bears also fear thunder and lightning. Victims of this phobia start shaking, crying and sweating bullets during the occurrence to of a thunderstorm. Most of them are also be obsessed with the weather Komedo forecasts.

2. Acrophobia

The fear of heights is a common fear among many civilians. The victims love being grounded as they don’t really open up to the idea of being far Basic from the ground. This phobia is really crippling to say the least, as even effortless tasks such as climbing ladders can prove to be demanding. When victims are exposed to great heights, anxiety attacks can take over to great repercussions.

1. Pteromerhanophobia

The fear of flying can be classified as pteromerhanophobia. People who suffer from this phobia Decors also have a fear of hijacking, crashing, enclosed spaces and heights. Professionals who need to travel far and wide often tend to be the worst victims of this fear. Not only does the phobia affect their careers, but it also plays an atrocious role in hampering their personal lives.





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