8 Jobs That Pay More Than you Think


It isn’t a surprise seeing people opting for careers that pay a handsome salary instead of choosing to pursue their fields of interests. There are endless opportunities to make a living in the contemporary world and we will be discussing 8 jobs that pay a lot more than you think. So, if you intend to invest a bucket load of cash on an education that you have no interest in, we suggest you to have a look at some of the jobs we have compiled below. These jobs might just be right up your alley.

8. Entertainer at a Cruise Ship

Average Estimated Annual Income: $3,000-$4,500/ month

Things are certainly looking up for those taking home around $3000 to $4,500 monthly working as entertainers at luxurious cruise ships. Not only does one get to do what he loves for a short time each day, he also gets to enjoy the numerous benefits provided by the cruise ship. Did we mention that he can also stay at the ship rent free?

7. Sex Toy Tester

Average Estimated Annual Income: $40,000

Well, the job is self-explanatory. The job requires one to test and try all the new sex gadget offerings in the market and provide the superiors with constructive criticism. Although a handsome salary of $40,000 can be tempting enough to lure anyone into the job, there lies a small headache in explaining the job designation to relatives and well-wishers.

6. Elevator Mechanic

Average Estimated Annual Income: $50,000

Elevator Mechanic

We know it is difficult contemplating the fact that the guy who works on your elevator takes home around $50,000 yearly for his services. In order to gain the skill set to work as an elevator mechanic, one has to go through an apprenticeship program for nearly five years! But, the program is far less expensive than going through a semester at a University. The job is dangerous though as a slippery mistake could result in an unfortunate event.

5. Fortune Cookie Writer

Average Estimated Annual Income: $40,000-$80,000

Fortune Cookie Writer
Fortune Cookie

Yes, someone somewhere is actually responsible for all the quotes stuffed inside fortune cookies and they get a handsome salary for their endeavors. They can earn anywhere in between $40,000 to $80,000 annually. The ones who make serious money usually are contract writers; there are freelancers as well who can earn around $50 for a particular project.

4. Illustrator

Average Estimated Annual Income: $60,000

Everything needs to be eye catching these days, hence, illustrators are highly sought after by businesses and companies who are in a need of professionals to design images, websites, and fonts for their marketing and advertising campaigns. The job pays major dividends as employees can expect to earn in the region of $60,000 annually.

3. Bomb Disposal Diver

Average Estimated Annual Income: $100,000

Bomb Disposal Diver
Bomb Disposal Diver

Bomb disposal divers ensure the safety of the people in the ocean by specializing in diffusing unexploded bombs, landmines and grenades. On an average, they can earn a rewarding $100,000 as salary on a yearly basis. These professionals also need not work around the clock as they are only expected to work half a year. People in the navy can get free training to become expert bomb disposal divers. Others can get certified through courses and it can set one back $15,000.

2. Submarine Cook

Average Estimated Annual Income: $100,000

Submarine Cook
Submarine Cook

The best part about the job is that the people you’ll be cooking for will not be expecting five-star meals. Instead, they’ll happily gobble the food as long as it doesn’t taste horribly bad. Although the conditions of cooking for smelly men inside a submarine is hardly ideal, one can take solace in the fact that he’d be earning in the region of $100,000 annually. Surely, it must be worth it, right?

1. Private Butler

Average Estimated Annual Income: $150,000

Although not many aspire to be a private butler to the wealthy and affluent, there are a lot of perks to be gained from the occupation. Private butlers can earn anywhere in the region of $150,000 for their undivided commitment to one family. That sort of paycheck can tempt anyone into doing mundane tasks such as working as a housekeeper, a cook, a security guard, booking dinner reservations and running chores and errands etc.

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