8 Tips to Help you Stay Fit on Vacations


Piling on holiday weight can be exasperating and depressing. The extra kilos can completely stall your progress, and your effort in the gym can turn out to be fruitless. It need not be the case as there are numerous techniques to help you stay fit on vacations. Listed below are 8 tried and tested methods to keep your weight in check.

8. Plan Ahead

It is always better to make proper arrangements beforehand. When planning ahead, you should seek for hotels that don’t compromise with fitness facilities. Hotels boasting of pools with lanes for lap swims must be given priority. You can also search for healthy restaurants located within the hotel’s vicinity.

7. Getting Up Early

When on a vacation with family and friends, it can be difficult to find a suitable routine to hit the gym. Hence, you can get your workout in early if you rise before everyone else. A quick run at the walking trail or a swim at the hotel premises can provide you with the regular exercise needed to stay fit. Exercising early can help you remain energetic throughout the day.

6. Active Excursions

Active excursions that include calorie burning activities such as diving, hiking, snorkeling, wind surfing, kite surfing and biking can be included in your vacation itinerary. Lazing on the beach and tanning can be the most stress-free and relaxing activity, but it does nothing to help you stay fit. When on a vacation, you should embrace your surroundings and tune into the call of the wild.

5. Using the Hotel Gym

If you can’t make do with other forms of exercises, you can easily visit the hotel gym. Most hotels are facilitated with proper gym equipment, but you must first choose a hotel that offers such amenities. Gyms in hotels are rarely crowded. So, you would be able to get your desired work out underway without any hindrance.

4. Dance the Night Away

Dancing can be a fun exercise to help you remain fit during your vacation. Getting your groove on and wearing your dancing shoes would enable you to burn a lot of calories without the effects of pain and boredom. So, a visit to a dance club is greatly encouraged. It’s basically killing two birds with one stone. You can have the night of your life and get a proper work out at the same time.

3. Opting Healthier Meals

It is easy to get carried away by the spirit of a vacation and indulge in fattening substances, but you shouldn’t let that spirit ruin all of the effort you’ve been putting in the gym. Therefore, you shouldn’t sabotage your healthy diet with excessive eating. Of course, no one can resist the delicious delicacies on offer. During those times, you should eat in moderation and let green salad and veggies fill you up half way through before you get to the body upsetting meals.

2. Using a Tracking Device

A tracking device or a calorie counting device can help you stay on track with your goals, regular routine and prevent you from being lazy. Since there is a specified step count goal, it can even motivate you to walk more every day. This easy method will be a constant reminder of the importance of exercising regularly during the vacation.

1. Sightseeing on Foot

You must resist boarding the tour buses, trolleys, and ferries provided by the hotel and travel agencies. By doing so, you can instead visit places and sightsee on foot. All that is required is a good pair of sneakers, a map, and your undying enthusiasm. Cycling your way through the places can also be fun and helpful.

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