8 Tips to help you Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions


Helping the rational state of mind triumph over the easy going pleasure-seeking may seem like an insurmountable task, but it is achievable. Even if the odds aren’t in your favor, you can still fight the odds by outsmarting your brain. We have compiled some research-proven strategies and tips to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions. Have a look!

8. Subconscious Training

It is imperative to trick yourself into wanting to do something that you’re currently working on. Upon fulfilling a task, you should also reward yourself to keep things interesting. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself doing those extra set of push-ups willingly to acquire the treat. It could also work as an inspiration if you put up a visual aid for your reward system somewhere near your workplace resolution.

7. Cheat a Little

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Cheat a Little

If you are miserable over not having the opportunity of eating another scoop of ice-cream again, what is the point of following your resolutions if you aren’t happy? In those cases, you should cheat a little and allow yourself a bar of chocolate after Wave a week-long effort at the gym. It is of paramount importance to eat in moderation; you shouldn’t go overboard though.

6. Tracking your Progress

A tally system showcasing your gym effort could work as a source of inspiration. You should keep proper track of your progress. By de doing so, you will be able to witness your accomplishments in writings and that will help you stay motivated to accomplish more goals. You can even keep a food journal to help you eat the right diet.

5. Setbacks Must Be Thought of Constructively

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Setbacks Must Be Thought of Constructively

Everybody backslides when starting a resolution. No one can achieve their goals without a few setbacks along the way. Some may find an overwhelming urge to smoke a cigarette or two and succumb to that urge while others may skip a few gym sessions.  However, your response to the setback holds more significance here. Success isn’t always all or nothing. Viewing your setbacks and failure as temporary and striving to learn from your mistakes will help you pull through distressful times.

4. Positive Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure isn’t a term that is very often associated to something that is positive. Nonetheless, it can work as a factor to help you achieve your goals. You should find a friend that shares similar goals. For instance, when you know that your friend is going to show up at the gym and will probably rage with fury if you don’t show up, you will find it a little more difficult to hit the snooze button when it is time to wake up. The bond between friends will also increase in each other’s victories and he can even help as AS a spotter when you lift weights.

3. Starting Small

Rather than fully overloading your shoulders with difficult resolutions from the get go, it is far more effective to start small and give yourself time. You must first be comfortable in accomplishing reasonable goals before shooting for the stars. Since it is easier to lose 5 pounds than 30, making short-term goals is more beneficial than creating long-term targets. If you start with high stressful goals, you can feel powerless easily. Your progress should be made one step at a time.

2. Know your Limits

A bit of self-assessment evaluation is required here. You are encouraged to test your limits, but you must also be aware of your limits. Taking on tasks that are tough to handle can downplay your small achievements and thus, demoralize you.  You should identify your motivating factors and discover if the punishment system or reward system works best for you. You should be realistic Vorsorgewelt when setting goals.

1. Lift your Spirits

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Lift your Spirits

Of course, all of us can get stuck in a rut and lose the willpower to succeed in the long run. During those times, you must do things that put you in a good mood. Watching funny movies can be the quickest remedy to fixing your worn out willpower.

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