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Brooke Pierce, editor

Brooke Pierce, a true New Yorker, has more than 15 years of experience as a writer, editor, researcher, and proofreader. She was the editor and co-writer on the book "Arts America"? and a contributor to the book "The TheaterMania Guide to Musical Theater Recordings". Brooke wrote theater features and reviews for TheaterMania, New England Entertainment Digest, Show Business Weekly, and Stage Directions Magazine and many more articles about traveling, the arts, lifestyle, life and nature.

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Brianna Ahearn, writer

Brianna Ahearn, a proud graduate of Florida State University, is a highly skilled writer and editor. She is an expert on popular culture. Brianna has a brilliant sense of humor and her dream is to be a guest on SNL, one of her favorite shows.

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Jasmin Saunders, writer

Jasmin Saunders was born in Germany, where she got her Bachelors degree in Media Engineering & Operations. In 2012 she moved to the United States and have been there ever since. She is a highly creative writer. She is also a very gifted (amateur) tennis player.

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Ramonna Kantter, writer

Ramonna Kantter traded in the chilly Winnipeg winters for the Tampa sunshine in 2003. After graduating the University of Tampa she began writing for local papers. She is a steady staff member since January 2016.

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Abhin Lawati, writer (intern)

Abhin Lawati was born in Kathmandu, Nepal but he lives for many years now in Bangalore, India. His a passionate follower of the American pop culture and writing about celebrities and famous Hollywood stars are what he does best.

Contact Abhin: abhin@viralscoop.com

Nicole Elise Walter, writer (intern)

Nicole Elise Walter, a proud Kentucky gal, has been writing, mainly as a freelance, for over than 8 years. Besides writing, she is a very talented Gymnastics sports women.

Contact Nicole: nicole@viralscoop.com

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