Arthur Memes Are HOT But PBS is Pissed!


Arthur memes are being shared all over the internet, and PBS isn’t too happy. Arthur memes are stills and screen caps taken from the television show, Arthur, with he images having a funny caption. The show Arthur is based on the Marc Brown books. Arthur is a friendly 4th grade anteater and has a whole cast of characters, including his family, friends and classmates, around him while he grows and learns in Elwood City. The show has been on for over 19 years, and was a staple of many people’s TV viewing habits, but the show is taking on a whole new life with memes.

Memes have the ability to pervert or twist anything, and one only needs to look at the Spongebob memes to know this. The Arthur memes are blowing up Twitter and Tumblr, and are taking innocuous scenes from the show and making them Some were all in good fun, with jokes about social media habits, or school, but PBS thought others went too far. The company issued a statement on the trend:

“We appreciate the memes that have been created and shared in good fun,” a spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday. “We are, however, disappointed by the few that are outside of good taste.”

There are plenty of hilarious Arthur memes we can relate to, and there’s the others that will make us laugh, even if we shouldn’t. It’s weird to see a beloved cartoon character on the internet given a more adult tone, but you know that there’s a “dirty” version of everything now. Don’t even get us started on My Little Pony! Over on Know Your Meme, these types of memes are known as “Ruined Childhood” and there’s plenty of them.

This meme come from a scene where Arthur has put on too much weight for his dress pants.


Arthur is broadcast in over 80 countries around the world, and is PBS’ second longest-running kids’ series after Sesame Street. The show has made an impression because of its frank ability to deal with “big” topics such as asthma, death, divorce, and cancer in a non-saccharine way. However, the show also has its adult fans, and frequently features older references such as South Park, Monty Python and more.


The Arthur meme that really struck a chord with social media audiences was the “Arthur fist meme” which was a still of Arthur’s balled-up first from the episode “Arthur’s Big Hit.” The fist still was used to express rage over things such as sharing your food, parking tickets, etc – just little annoyances in life.


From there, more memes started to pop up. Now the internet is full of them, and people are also using the Arthur Comic Creator to have a bit of fun with the trend.

This meme was taken from the song about “Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card,” and twisted. Another popular version is with an image of a library card being used to cut cocaine.


Now you can find Arthur memes all over Instagram and Twitter – they even have their own accounts.


PBS is probably going to be watching to make sure that their children’s program doesn’t get too tainted for fear the Google search results for “Arthur” will be populated with something that isn’t exactly PG-13!

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