Celebrities You Never Knew Had Famous Parents


It isn’t quite strange to see more than one celebrity in some families. No, we are not talking about Kardashians. There are many celebrities who also have famous parents, celebrities on their own. There are those who continued their parent’s legacy and others found success in other branches. Some may be familiar, but others will surely surprise you.

Famous Parents of Famous Celebs

Our list is a perfect way to learn something more about celebrity families. It will test your knowledge about your favorite superstars and you’ll also have tons of fun discovering new ones. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.


Georgia May Jagger

Famous Parent: Mick Jagger
famous parents of famous celebs
When your father is Mick Jagger, you definitely have some big shoes to fill. He is the singer of band Rolling Stones and one of the rock music icons. This is why Georgia May Jagger decided to find her success elsewhere. She is a successful fashion model and represented British fashion at the Summer Olympics closing ceremony held in London accompanied by other successful supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Although Mick looks awesome on the stage, Georgia claims he isn’t so interesting in the private life and that she is sometimes embarrassed by him. We will have to trust her because she would know the best living under the same roof as him.