Best Places To Visit in 2016!


Many blogs and websites, year after year, encourage you to visit magnificent places. But our website with amazing tips where to travel is going to surprise and inspire you with destinations. Whether it is Switzerland or Far East, we know best, which places are worth visiting – it’s our job! Take a map and immediately make your travelling plans.


Corsica is a French island, which is located about 200 km from the Côte d’Azur. The island is a popular tourist destination, for French and other Europeans. Tourism is the most developed in the areas around Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio in the south of the island and around Calvi in the north.

When to visit: May to June; September to October


Medellin, Colombia

This city is known for – flowers! The city lies in a valley on the banks of the Abura Medellín. It is interesting that in this city residents never wear flip-flops (although it’s very hot in summer) – it is something that is reserved only for tourists!

When to visit: throughout the year, but starting from May to September it’s not recommended due to the monsoon season.


Koyasan, Japan

Do you want to experience Japan in the original form? Far from city crowds and crowded streets? Koyasan is a place not too much changed, for centuries, and where the cultural and historical heritage wonderfully merge with nature. This place should be visited on June 15 when Aoba Festival is organized or the 13th of August when it’s the festival of candles.

When to visit: The best choice is during the working day (weekends tend to be crowded)


Maramures, Romania

This area is located in northern Romania and western Ukraine, and is the other part of the historical province of Transylvania. Maramures County in the Middle Ages was settled mainly by Slavic inhabitants and White Croats and Ukrainians, so you will not be bored if you like to study the roots of these nations!

When to visit: May – June for a tour of the flowers; July-September for hiking; October for a variety of events and festivals.


Tunis, Tunisia

All of you have probably at least once thought about going to Tunisia and enjoy cheap offers numerous hotels lure you, with their low prices and excellent offer. But few of us know that Tunisia is actually < country with rich cultural treasures and many tourist attractions, which are often not in the planned tours that agencies offer. Tunisia is indeed one of the destinations worth visiting.

When to visit: April to August for summer vacation; September to March for golf and spa breaks.

Zermatt, Switzerland

This village in the Swiss Alps attracts more than one million visitors every year, thanks to its beautiful nature and excellent conditions for skiing and hiking.

It is the only village on the Swiss side of the Matterhorn, and attracts tourists ever since the British explorer Edward Vimper became the first to win the top 1865th

Hotels here are among the most expensive in Switzerland.




Azores is a Portuguese archipelago of nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean and one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal. At these nine islands of adventure and wonderful surprises you can see dolphins and whales in the sea or volcanic landscapes covered with greenery. Also, there are stunning Hydrangeas lilac, which serve as a hedge as well as the blue and green lakes in craters of extinct volcanoes. The volcanic activity here means that you can eat meals that are cooked under the ground! In the interior of the island you can go on hiking or walking through nature, or you can simply stay on the coast and go diving or swimming.

When to visit: every day of the year!



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