Bob’s Burgers Just Had Its 100th Episode – 15 Facts About the Show


Now in its sixth season, Bobs Burgers just aired its 100th episode! The FOX animation hit has won fans all over the globe and even spun off its own cookbook- now a New York Times bestseller. If you love the show, here are a few facts you didn’t know about the show.


It was originally supposed to be about a family of cannibals. The show’s producers changed their mind when they realized it would be seasons of cannibal jokes. The first episode, Human Flesh, is a reference to the show’s origins.

The show has attracted a host of funny people, including people from Saturday Night Live. The guests have included Bill Hader, Jenny Slate, Tim Meadows, Kevin Kline, and more.

The joke burgers displayed on the sign board in every show have now inspired a bestselling cookbook.

Tina’s groan comes from her voice actor Dan Mintz’s everyday habit.

There’s an adult video (porn) version of the show where Bob and Linda are trying to make burgers for an adult video convention event.

The changing funny pest control van gag showed up in season two, not season one. It still continues today. 

The writers of the show have their own blog at

The show’s voice cast will do a live table read in front of an audience at events called Bob’s Burgers Live – they often sell out!

The antics of the kids and their parents live on in print too, with a comic called, what else? Bob’s Burgers. The bestselling comic has been combined into several graphic novels. There’s burger puns, one of Tina’s Erotic Friend-fiction stories and more in each issue.

A business and real estate blog decided to find out the projected valuation of Bob’s restaurant, if it were real. Using the show’s content, they deduced the building would be worth nearly $800,000 because of its size and location. They also figured out that the restaurant is most likely in Ocean City, New Jersey, due to the accent of the characters, the proximity to the pier, and the surroundings.

Bob has been on TV on Bob’s Burgers several times: Once in a series of episodes of a Family Double Dare-like show called Family Fracas, once in an episode called Meatsquatch where he is a cook on a morning cooking show, and once when he’s on an episode of Pam’s Court.

Tina was originally named Daniel, and was a boy. They decided to change the character to Tina, but kept the look and voice.

Kristen Schaal, star of Last Man on Earth, is the only woman in the main cast to voice a female character. The other female characters are voiced by men. 

A restaurant in Pittsburgh decided to dress up as Bob’s Burgers for Halloween! They changed their signage and more, even erecting a “rival” restaurant’s board across the street,  just like Jimmy Pesto’s on the show.

As part of a marketing campaign in the show’s first season, Bob’s Burgers once took over four real Fatburger’s restaurants with a burger giveaway.