Britney Spears Has a New Mobile Game, Seriously!


Now relevant again, Britney Spears just released a mobile game, and if you like games about pop stars, or the Kim Kardashian game, then you’ll probably like it. The new mobile game Britney Spears: American Dream is all about living the pop star life. It didn’t have a splashy introduction upon its release, it just appeared in the app stores. Developed by Glu Media, creators of other celebrity-themed games, the game lets you befriend Britney and become a pop star in your own right. It’s just the thing for celeb fans and casual gamers, which is a weird nexus of fandom that we didn’t know was possible until the previously-released Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian games. britney-americandream

You can perform at all kinds of exciting venues like arenas,  mega-stages, and…Starbucks. Britney Spears: American Dream also offers a nice customization option, letting you select your clothing, cover album image, etc.  You can also name your album and singles, because CDs are still a thing and music stores still exist in the game! Every Britney must have their own Christina, so of course, you have your own nemesis. You have to network throughout the game just like in real life, making connections to climb the ladder to stardom. You’ll also have to form your own brand. You earn currency, gems and energy in the game, and you can use them to make purchases or do certain actions. Unfortunately, you can also spend real money to do things, and that may pose a problem for some gamers who like to spend! You might have to wait or pay to get the next scene/task, which is dangerous for some.

Britney thinks the mobile game is great, telling Rolling Stone that’s blown away by the appearance of Digital Britney. She contributed not only her image to the game, but also her voice. The game was announced in 2015, and it’s been a long time coming.  One funny thing about the game is that if you don’t have enough for a clothing budget, you can just go through the game nearly-naked, recording your album, networking etc, all with just a towel, as one Entertainment Weekly writer found. Also you need a strong network connection or the game will warn you that you could use your data. 

Hate BritBrit? Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj are next in the celebrity mobile game world.  Expect their games soon, especially since Kim Kardashian’s game made $40 million in three weeks. You can download the Britney Spears: American Dream game for ios and Android devices. They’ll certainly be entertaining when waiting in the drive-thru or other waiting moments. As for Britney Spears, besides collecting her check for the mobile game, she’s still doing a blockbuster show in Las Vegas several times a week. Ka-ching! She’s come a long way since Baby One More Time, hasn’t she!