Capitals Worth Visiting


Although every capital of the world or a metropolis has its own peculiarities, just those tiny imperfections are what makes a city more perfect than others, and that is why millions of people each year are flocking to visit them and soak up the local atmosphere and part of their culture. According to CNN’s list, 10 of these cities you must visit at least once.

Tokio, Japan

Skyscrapers that with their height are covering the sun, blooming cherry trees in the National Garden Shinjuku Gyoen, culinary empire with about 160,000 different restaurants have more Michelin star than in any other country, the tuna auction at the General Tsukiji fish market – are only part of what a tourist needs to see in Tokyo.

In addition to prestigious universities, major galleries and museums, global business and economic center, very clean streets and squares, and luxury stores, what separates this city from all others is its cosmopolitan spirit mixed with original Japanese tradition.

Shanghai, China

This largest Chinese port quite rightly is called Paris of the East because it is synonymous with the ongoing construction of the success and rich cuisine. Its attractions are themmagnetic Maglev train running at up to 500 kilometers per hour, fabulous Pudong International Airport, the Bund, City God Temple, the promenade along the Huangpu River and the East Pearl TV Tower.

Santiago, Chile

The biggest carnivals and festivals of tango on the other side of the Andes, despite the smog and industrial plants each year attracts more tourists thanks to its beautiful scenery, charming nightclubs and excellent climate. In Chile it is possible to ski in the middle of summer, and Santiago is known for attractions such as the Presidential Palace Palacio de Moneda, Valparaiso, pre-Columbian museums, the bohemian quarter, the historical museum in the central square Plaza de Armas and funiculars to the hill with a wonderful view the entire city.

San Francisco, USA

Wonderful hills, architectural monuments, Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and Indian restaurants, elite districts, kilometers long Pacific beach and distinctive Chinatown are some of the characteristics of this dynamic city. In it, you can visit the fishing quarter Fisherman’s Wharf, the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the famous prison Alcatraz and luxury Pacific Heights neighborhood.

Petra, Jordan

The ghost town in the area of Jordan is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage, as a lost city of the ancient world. Carved in stone on the rocks 200 meters high, the city of Petra is Mecca for archaeologists and lovers of history, and it is only possible to reach it walking through a narrow path from the northwest or rocky gorge from the east. This peculiar city really is in no way similar to any other in the world, and that’s why it was the location for filming sequel for the popular Indiana Jones.

Paris, France

Most visited city of the world, Mecca for lovers, fashion, fine restaurants, selected wines and famous museums, is for centuries known for its beauty. From historic monuments, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower to the promenade on the Seine and the artistic Montmartre district in this city there is really much to be seen, and you just have to stop and try the famous French croissants and a cup of hot cappuccino.

New York, USA

Big Apple is described as a center of the world and the city that never sleeps, because it will always feel that you are in the center of everything. Sights such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway, Chinatown, Madison Square Garden, Greenwich Village and the Statue of Liberty, although attract tourists, fall into the background before the atmosphere that prevails in the city. Entertainment, money, shopping and having good time is transformed into the motto of every tourist who inhaled part of the specific atmosphere of the metropolis.

Montreal, Canada

The city where it you can live most beautifully and cultural capital of Canada are titles that adorn Montreal. It is the capital of the French-speaking world, and successfully combines charming French culture with American debt capitalism. It is famous for its numerous theaters, parks and building facades and its excellent festivals.

Cape Town, South Africa

The South African pearl is a compound of wealth and poverty, old and new Africa and endless natural beauty interspersed with poor neighborhoods or slums. Despite the fear of criminals, shark attacks or culture shock, Cape Town is definitely worth a visit. Table Mountain above the town itself is the most famous world’s destination for mountaineers and tourists in the view can enjoy even after the rise of the cable car that takes them to the top.

Barcelona, Spain

The most youngster city in the world deserves that epithet for famous nightlife, great restaurants, cafes and rich cultural offering. Gaudi’s masterpieces such as the Church of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Park Guell, then the Ramblas and the Maritime Museum are just some of the sights that no tourist should miss.

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