The 19 Most Lethal Creatures In Australia


Australia, nowadays is one of the best and most popular holiday places. Dutch discovered it and it became some kind of prison for British criminals in 1788. Since then Australia underwent numerous and huge changes and today is consider one of the richest countries. But one thing hasn’t changes – it still has got a lot of dangerous for life creatures!
A flying monkey


Scientist claim that this oldest bat in the world emerged from primates and that’s why we can conclude it’s a flying monkey. It came to life 35 million years ago and hasn’t changed that much. It eats fruit and nectar but I personally would be very, very scared if I’d see him somewhere near me.

The Australian Honey Bee

Nobody likes being stung by a bee but thank God if you get stung by a normal bee and the Australian one. It kills yearly more people than spiders, sharks and snakes together since it has a venom that kills you.

The Australian Eastern Brown Snake


This deadly snake won’t attack you but be sure not to provoke it if you see it somewhere. When provoked it become one of the deadliest snake alive and may kill you. If in any case you get bitten seek a doctor at once.

The Irukandji Jellyfish

It is small but definitely not harmless. If it bites you use vinegar to make the skin pain easier. The venom will certainly affect you, it won’t be nice so rush to the hospital immediately!

The Sydney Funnel Web Spider


A small spider that can kill you in 30 minutes. It won’t attack unless provoked so be careful. It is found in around 100 miles of Sydney and back in 2012 it was announced that there isn’t a lot of anti-venom left and people were asked to catch them if possible because one dose needs 70 spider ‘milking’.

The Blue Ringed Octopus

This octopus has a lethal venom that can kill 26 people and it’s very small. But don’t be fooled – it’s one of the lethal creatures that can be found in Australian seas.

Australian Scrub Python


This python is attacking a kangaroo, believe it or not. It’s so dangerous that it chokes and it’s it victims alive even though it doesn’t have a known venom. Their origin is in the forests but sometimes they reach suburbs.

The Australian Bull Shark

After reading the fact that this is the shark that attacks people and other animals we are certain he is the deadliest one alive. The horrible thing is that it can live in fresh and salt water so he can enjoy eating everything everywhere.

Australian Box Jellyfish


This jellyfish is the most lethal one in the world! It may look like an art piece but with its devastating venom it kills a human being in couple of minutes. They use their tentacles to catch their prey and with them they come into your skin and inject the poison.

Sting Ray

Far shark relatives they seem astonishing and a remarkable fact is that they are old as the Earth itself. A lot of them is friendly but the Australian ones aren’t. They attack using the venom in their tales and they killed , numerous times, ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ that tried to film them.

The Taipan Snake


Taipan land snakes don’t attack unless provoked, but the coastal ones attack anytime anywhere. Be careful since it’s the 3rd most venomous land snake and is very, very huge!

Salt Water Crocodiles

Everyone is scared of crocodiles but these one are especially dangerous. They are the death reasons for many and many years up to this day. They look really horrible due to the fact that they are the biggest one alive 21 ft. (6.4 M).

A Rain Of Spider


Don’t laugh – this is a real thing in Australia! This happens in May and August while they are traveling. To ease the trip they make this huge webs all over the building and other areas. The web itself is sticky and soft and not lethal, but some of the spiders are. So don’t touch, just run!


They can really eat humans since they’re the biggest Australian land predators. Some say they originated from wolfs and that could explain their horrific nature – attacking and eating humans and pets.

The Platypus


They can look very sweet and cute but be careful not be stung by this Western Australia endemic kind of animal – the male has a venom in his spurs that can’t kill you but can make a huge damage.

Deep Water Cone Snail

If you dive we would suggest to quickly dive from this creature which can enlarge their nose if it finds preys. Their poison is as morphine x 1000 times and that kill 15 human adults. It’s really a one deadly nose.

Synanceia – Stone Fish


Don’t step on this fish that got it’s name due to their gift of camouflaging. It can look like a rock but be very careful – the rock can kill you when stepping on it thanks to the fins venom.

The Common Lionfish

If you get stung by this colorful fish run to the hospital. The venom itself isn’t deadly but the allergies can be fatal. Even if you’re not allergic it can cause extreme pain, heart failure and breathing difficulties. Dangerous in so many levels!

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