Disney Announces Live-Action Movies Based on Favorite Animated Films


We hope you love live-action versions of Disney’s animated movies, because you’re about to get them in spades! The Walt Disney company recently announced the release dates and plans for their upcoming films. The slate is full of live-action versions of their animated classics like Dumbo. It’s clear that Disney is going hard after the fairy tale genre, and the recent release of Cinderella was just the beginning. As we wait for the upcoming Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass to arrive in theaters, here’s look at the other movies you can expect, plus some of the attached stars!

First, actress Emma Stone has been attached to play Cruella deVil in a movie entitled Cruella. Cruella is about the dalmatian-hating fashionista and villainess of 101 Dalmations. The role was last played in a live-action version by Glenn Close in 1996. Cruella was also portrayed by Victoria Smurfit on Once Upon a Time, in a storyline which currently has her dead and in the Underworld. Maleficent 2 will bring back Angelina Jolie in the role of Sleeping Beauty villain Maleficent. Tinkerbell will have Reese Witherspoon in the role of the fairy from Peter Pan. Elizabeth Banks had previously been attached to the project. Tim Burton will share his own take on the flying elephant with Dumbo. Jungle Book 2 will also be in production soon based on the box office success of the first movie, which was #1 two weeks in a row; Jon Favreau will again direct.


Like they did in the past, Disney has also turned to books for their next movies. They’ll take on the beloved children’s novel A Wrinkle in Time with director Ava DuVernay, and also a new Mary Poppins tale with Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame. Reportedly a sequel based on one of author P.L. Travers’ Mary Poppins books, the movie should start production soon. There’s also The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, which doesn’t have any names attached yet, other than writer Ashleigh Powell and director Lasse Hailstorm.

In the tradition of Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney looks to their most popular attractions for movies as well. Jungle Cruise, based on the Disneyland and Walt Disney World attraction designed by Walt Disney himself, will feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the lead.

Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Mulan, Pinocchio, and Rose Red are other projects that Disney is reportedly working on. A Prince Charming movie is also rumored to come soon. Finally, Disney also announced their planned release dates for a slate of “fairy tale movies” that haven’t been announced with a particular title.

All of the following dates are for Untitled Disney Live-Action Movies:

  • July 28, 2017: Untitled Disney Fairy Tale
  • April 4, 2018: Untitled Disney Fairy Tale
  • August 3, 2018: Untitled Disney Live-Action
  • November 2, 2018: Untitled Disney Fairy Tale
  • December 25, 2018: Untitled Disney Live-Action
  • March 29, 2019: Untitled Disney Fairy Tale
  • November 8, 2019: Untitled Disney Fairy Tale
  • December 20, 2019: Untitled Disney Fairy Tale

None of these dates are for the other Disney projects, such as Marvel movies or animated films. Frozen 2 was an untitled animated feature have also been announced for 2020. Moana is arriving in November 2016 and Gigantic debuts in 2018.