An Epic Post-it Note War Just Ended in NYC


An epic Post-It note war has just ended between Manhattan office workers, and although it ended, the war provided fun not only for the workers, but for the people walking along Canal Street. The war was between Horizon Media and Havas Media, two rival media companies in New York City, and spread throughout both buildings. Horizon Media created “Hi” with the yellow pieces of paper, and the creativity war was off.

Havas media employees wrote back with their own Post-It Note: “Sup.”

Since that initial exchange, the messages and pictures have been flying between the companies fast and furious. The exchanges even inspired hashtags #CanalNotes and #PostitWars, and Post-It note company, 3M, sent boxes of Post-It Notes to the companies as inspiration.

The images featured in the wars include Angry Birds, glasses of wine, characters from The Simpsons, the Superman logo, and even a tribute to recently-departed Prince. Pop culture phrases like “Bye Felicia” and references to “Becky with the Good Hair” were just a few things that popped up in the windows. Some images took over whole sets of windows, like an image of the Ghostbusters logo or a peeping Spider Man. R2-D2 even appeared in a window, as did a trio of colorful gnomes.

The war evolved over six floors, and all of the images pictured in the windows have made their way to social media. One person even thought they had stumbled upon the Snapchat headquarters after seeing a Post-It Note Snapchat ghost. The images were larger than life, taking up whole windows, and some were teasing such as the image of a man falling and the words “Give Up.” It was all in good fun, and it looked like everyone had a fun time, judging by their posts on social media.

But everything that starts must come to the end, unfortunately.

Havas Media decided to drop the mic and end the battle after the buildings’ management said they need to take the Post-It Notes down. Dropping the mic, the media company decided to make a giant “mic drop” image! The workers actually stayed late with beer and pizza to make it, reports The Daily Mail. They got it up before the managers’ Memorial Day deadline.


The war may have ended but what’s left is a massive display of creativity, and probably a few-inspired office workers across the country as well. The creativity battle made its way to multiple publications including The New York Times, NY Post, AdWeek and more.

Perhaps the war will inspire an art installation in the future, because, after all, anything can happen in New York City, and they do love their art there! Whatever happens next, the Great Post-It Note War of 2016 made a lot of people on the street happy, and got us thinking about how we could all make our own Post-It creations, even in the windows of our homes or apartments! We look forward to seeing your own artwork popping up on social media now.

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