Fans Demand Disney Give Elsa a Girlfriend – What Does Elsa Say?


The internet wants Elsa to have a girlfriend and they want Disney to give it to her. Elsa, the star of the Disney blockbuster Frozen, didn’t have a love interest in Frozen, because she needed to learn how to love herself. Cheesy sentiment aside, it was a great message on independence for young women, especially coupled with the fact that Hans, the good guy, turned out to be not so good. If that’s a spoiler two years later, I’m sorry. Now fans want Elsa to have a girlfriend. Many have viewed the idea of being “locked away because of a curse” as an allusion to homosexuality, and indeed, the movie does have its LGBTQ audience. Frozen 2 is on its way and fans are hitting Twitter trending #GiveElsaaGirlfriend. They’re not just making the request on Twitter either, as many fans have signed a petition. Even Broadway star Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa in the movie says “I think it’s great.”


A lesbian teenager is behind the movement and started the hashtag, speaking about how much it will mean to her and others like her.

This is why Elsa is so much more than a poster image — for me and for every girl who has and will watch Frozen. Giving young girls the chance to understand that a princess can love another princess the same way Cinderella loved her Prince Charming is vital to their development. No one deserves to feel isolated and confused about who they are. All we need is someone to show us that there are other options, other kinds of princesses, and other ways to have the happy ending that you deserve.

And yes, there’s a petition against the movement as well. Several of them in fact. They don’t have the supporters that the movement has, but they exist. It’s worth mentioning that the movie Frozen is based on fairy tale The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, who himself was bisexual according to his diaries and letters. From the moment Frozen hit screens, it was viewed as an allegory for the LGBT experience by many, and that hasn’t waned in popularity either. Frozen may not be the big movie at the box office anymore, but it’s still popular and makes Disney millions in merchandise, so they’re going to make the movements that they think are going to make them money.

Elsa isn’t the only character they want to give a same-sex relationship, either. Captain America, who has a long standing friendship with Bucky Barnes and married Agent Peggy Carter in the comics and movie universe, is now the target of a campaign known as #GiveCaptainAmericaaBoyfriend. The reasoning is because after Peggy, there is no other woman who can equal her, so it must be a boy. Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, is already with Bucky, if you ask some fans! Marvel comics have always changed the elements of the comic characters’ stories, with the newest Captain America in the comics actually being a Hydra plant, so who knows if they may listen to the latest fan request.

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