Funny Family Photos


We are tied to our families. It might be difficult to live with them, but it is equally difficult to live without them. Most families never fail to take snaps of memorable outings. Hence, when we grow older and take a look at our former selves in pictures, we are left bewildered at our nostalgic versions. Some of us are seen sporting braces in one picture while others are pictured with outdated haircuts.

Have a look at some of the most funny family photos to find its way on the internet!


The casual hands in the pocket pose looks anything but natural.


Must flex our abs out in the cold or else the picture won’t make any sense.


The girl on the extreme right appears to be out of place. Just look at how uncomfortable she appears.


They must have been specifically taught not to flash a smile at all costs. We can’t help but admire their beauty. They must have all grown up to be models.


You know your parents are hanging out with the wrong crowd when you see a couple involved in a make out session in the background of their holiday snap. The couple should be penalized; that’s pretty inappropriate.


The little blonde isn’t doing much to help break the stereotype “Dumb Blondes.”


We have no idea what the parents were up to swinging their children to-and-fro like that. With parents like that, we don’t think the kids will grow up to be well and normal.


We have a feeling that the dad in the picture goes overboard with his authority over his children. We are not sure what he was aiming for but one thing is for certain—enlarging his head like that in the picture tells us he’s not got his head in the right place.


It is cringe worthy enough wearing a similar looking shirt with your siblings. Imagine sporting matching Hawaiian shirts with your entire family members.


We hope no animals were harmed during the photoshoot. We are certain they were left with mental scars, though.


The pink dressed monkey looks like a professional in front of the camera. It must have posed several times before.


We are glad that denims like those are not in fashion anymore.


What on earth were they trying to achieve with that photo? Ok, we get it. You lot enjoy talking on the phone.


Talk about diverse backgrounds.


Of course, it is a given to take a snap with the family while in the Jacuzzi.


Wait! Err, where do we look?


We have a feeling the mom will force her opinions on the child in the future.


Someone clearly forgot to stick to the dressing code.


Like father, like son.


This is what happens when wearing white goes wrong. We are not even going to talk about the trophy mom.


Because nothing makes the body better than a jug of milk.


The baby is clearly not amused.


We definitely know where the girl gets her looks from.


It looks like the baby wants to go back to the womb.


The dad doesn’t give a care in the world.


We have no idea where they got the idea to throw chicken in their wedding. Are there such wedding rituals?


Just let puberty run its course, she will eventually get along better with the bird.


No worries, we will photoshop clothes on him later.


“I am much more comfortable down here, away from the sights of my parents.”


The small cut out on the side should make up for our dad’s frown.


She should keep her mouth shut.


Because the flower should outshine the bride’s expensive wedding dress.


Keep your judgement to yourself and let us flex in peace.


Aunty, kissing a guy in a bow tie is just gross.


The Dad is proud of his sons.


Clearly, the daughter was in charge of livening things up.


Ok, we have no idea what’s going on here.


“I enjoy my company and love my self-hugs even more.”

The dad is clearly up to some mischief.


Three generations of cranked necks.


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