Hold the Swatch Phone, Bath and Body Works is Bringing Back 90’s Scents!


Ask any woman over the age of 30 what some of the hottest scents in middle school or high school were, and she’ll likely reply that it was Bath and Body Works luscious line of fruity, flowery scents. For many, the 1990’s have fond memories, put there’s plenty of scent memories attached as well. Bath and Body Works, that popular fragrance and lotion store often found in malls, came in prominence in the 1990’s and for many women, it was the scent of adolescence. Asked for years to bring back the classic 1990’s scents, Bath and Body Works has obliged with announcement that they’ll be bringing back the classics. The news was heard and passed around the internet, with everyone from Huffington Post to newspapers to the Today show covering the announcement. Indeed, it was just as popular as Pogs and The Simpsons were back in those days!


Bath and Body Works was founded in 1990 and so as the company grew, it was a major part of many young women’s lives, alongside Lip Smackers, choker necklaces and outfits taken from the deLIA catalog. The chain will soon have a reissue of eight of their classic 90’s scents beginning May 27, and the throwback items will be available for a limited time. This isn’t a new move for the company, but it’s an anticipated one. In 2015, Bath and Body Works brought back some of the retired fragrances for just one month, which made them a hot commodity. The scents were Cucumber Melon, Juniper Breeze, Pearberry, Plumeria, plus White Tea and Ginger. All of the scents came in the requisite Bath and Body Works forms: mist, shower gel and body lotion. If you ever wanted to smell like your teen self, it was the perfect storm.

While fads of the 1990’s have faded, Bath and Body Works has remained a force in the mall world, even branching to Canada. Fans have shared their desires for their favorite fragrances on Twitter, and a Tumblr, From the Heartland: Vintage Bath and Body Works, exists to bring fans back to the good days of old Sun Ripened Raspberry and Wild Meadow. The Tumblr is run by a former employee and will give you a nice look at the bath product icon, especially in its early days, when it was a bit more country-themed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.28.37 PM

The #FlashbackFragrance event of June 2015 was a big success, and this one will likely be too. What scents are coming back is anyone’s guess, and the company isn’t teasing them just yet. Like the June 2015 reissue, the new flashback series will probably also feature the modern packaging labels that Bath and Body Works uses now, but the scents will be oh so 90’s! Some of the most in-demand scents so far on social media are Freesia, Sun Ripened Raspberry, Gingham, Cherry Blossom (original), Country Apple and more. It’s a great opportunity to get some of your favorite scents without having to resort to buying them secondhand on eBay, so be on the lookout – and ready to face a crowd at the store – when they come back!

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