If Only We Could Buy These Concept Cars


Mangusta Legacy Concept



The 3.5 feet car height is maybe a problem when trying to get into this amazing car that looks like a baby car from Lamborghini and DeLorean on drugs. Imagine yourself strolling down the busiest street with this monster. Even the fact that you can’t see anything due to windshields except the sky doesn’t bother us. You would be the city king!

Numerous ladies would gather in lines to take a ride with you and for this Mangusta Legacy you would certainly make a pact with the devil itself. Do you think that was something the car’s designer had in mind when assembling this unimaginable vehicle?

BMX X9 Concept Car


Who can argue that we have som1 e incredible fresh minds that can design anything possible? One of them is a Tunisian Khalfi Ousasama who’s only 18 years old and e created this unbelievable BMW X9 concept car that blows our mind! We sometimes think he used something illegal to design this mean machine. How else could he perceive something like this?

At the end, no one is interested in the origin of his inspiration. We bet you just want to give away your money and drive to….Mars maybe with this baby? BMW has got our deepest affection for this concept car.

Jeep Staff Concept


After a drunken night you and a dozen of your friends get hungry, and I mean a lot hungry! How can you all go to McDonald’s and all you have is that small Renault Clio? The solution is this Jeep Staff concept car that certainly teaches you a lesson regarding your car choice.

And what a great solution for criminals! No doors, they just jump in when there’s a heist and run from the police in any direction. Which police car can ‘fight’ this Jeep?

This Jeep concept car absolutely makes up for there not so good other models of cars and trucks. Do you agree?


Lincoln MK9 Concept


2001 was the year the water started coming at our months for Lincoln and their MK9 concept car. It looks a lot better than the one before, MKVIII, but unfortunately it never came ‘alive’. That doesn’t stop us in dreaming – you just made your bank account blank and transferred all your money to Lincoln for your dream car.
Leather seats in white and that sexy dim cherry trim are especially remarkable when it comes to MK9 interior. Just imagine watching the sunset while sitting on those comfy white seats. This is just out of this world – especially when you compare MK9 seats with the ordinary black leather seats.

Be honest – would you ever get out of this car?

Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept


What on the Earth else would you need when it comes to cars? We just love their design!

It even honors the Inuit tribes and is ready right now to take you to everywhere you want. Those not familiar with its power might say that it’s not suitable for the arctic colds but we know for sure it would be suitable for us and our world!

Suzuki’s Kizashi concept


It’s majesty – an extra ordinary station wagon. The brave design of this Suzuki Concept car is an enormous plus and the best proof are the lights in front.  Suzuki is reminding us that they’re one of the best with windows of low profile similar to those from mafia movies in the 1930’s.

This is the best solution for a boring wife – she won’t want to drive this magnificent car every time you’re with her and being seen in this hustle car is a dream come true. Let’s all hope that Suzuku won’t change a thing in the production version. Please Suzuki, please don’t make this concept car different for us mortals!

Pontiac Banshee Concept


Pontiac isn’t dead! This concept car proves it! Thank you, oh you great designers for not allowing this car to go to forgetfulness. People, this is one heck of a car!

This Concept car is really an art piece. And everyone wants to see or have some art around them. When you buy this one (hopefully soon) try going to a fast food drive in – we think you’ll get everything for free since you made their day beautiful.. They had a chance to look at this incredible design. It’s worth more than a free burger!

Kia Niro Concept

kia niro

All the mums out there probably think Kia is one of the best possible cars when driving around kids. Think again! This one could please every dad and their concept car tastes. This car is a real badass. But why? Kia took a regular SUV and turned it into the sleekest family car ever!

Can you imagine that this car is full of food that a mum is bringing home while it’s going furiously over the pedestrian part of the city?

We suggest to Kia that makes this a regular thing – everyone would buy their cars if they’ve looked so pretty. Ahhh!

Mazda MK5 Tuner Concept


Thinking about Mazda Miata doesn’t usually make you exhilarated – only if a beautiful girl is on top of it or it looks something like at the picture above. You can maybe, even easily, get this concept car if the company decides to put the car parts out in the open.

This 2016 model is going to probably become very popular due to its smooth look. People all around the world are cheering all day and all night for this concept car to come out but don’t be afraid – Mazda research centers can hand it very nice and easy.

Lingenfelter 455 T/A Concept


Join our century with the 1970’s style and you get a concept car that looks just like this – Lingenfelter 455 T/A Concept car is for those that like to mix vintage and modern. Maybe Paul Walker is riding it somewhere in the skies.

Here you can see how Chevy Camaro SS can be turned into a Trans-Am that is bursting with power! 655 horsepower and 610 lbs of torque are reason enough to bring some  extra clothes when driving it. It looks furious just looking at it!

Lexus LF-Gh Concept


Imagine a good boy going bad, we mean very bad! That’s what Lexus has done with this car – they took a common sedan and turned it into a wonderful luxury concept car. This car has certainly got bad with these aggressive lines.

Every car has got some ‘nice’ elements. LF-Gh makes those elements incredible! Silver color is eye catching, especially when the blue LED lights appear and giving the spotlight for the Lexus logo.

Dodge ACR Viper Concept

viper-acr-1_0.jpg itok=7WRI6kzt

When talking about top – top cars you must mention a Viper, to be more correct a Dodge ACR Viper. Why? I already imagine myself driving it and being a Duke, with a beautiful princess driving with me in this car, watching the sea…, now let’s get back to reality!

I am even thinking about stealing this one. Don’t judge me! I would give you a round. And I would like to go down in this Dodge ACR Viper.

Toyota RSC Concept


My pretty lady, my pretty coupe is going out. Why did the Toyota left out this Concept Car in their regular car designs? I would have been their faithful customer for now and future for sure!

Vision here was to make a coupe that can go to the countryside and feel like home. You can surely imagine some American hero with weapons all around the car killing those enemies for Russia. Well, I think that every person driving this car can feel like a hero.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo


Can you believe this is a real car? We can’t! Can you imagine yourself driving this out of the world concept car? Hard, but I can.

Mercedes – Benz in all their shines presents this car like an out of this world vehicle. Aerodynamic is responsible for this mean machine. Let’s be honest – this car is not for this planet!



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