Funny Photos of Political Leaders


Politics is a serious business that demands great sense of responsibility. But there is also a light side to it as these photos show.

Hilary Clinton and Christina Aguilera

This photo was taken just as Hilary was blinking, so it appears as if she is just can’t seem to take her eyes off Christina… lol.

Sarah Palin and Taylor Swift

Sarah Palin and Taylor Swift were not too be pleased being seated next to each other during the SNL 40th Anniversary Party.

George W. Bush

There can’t be a timing more perfect than that, showing George W. Bush gets a surprise attack from a turkey.

Queen Elizabeth with the Obamas

A gust of wind nearly takes off the queen’s hat. Michelle Obama can also be seen struggling to keep her reputation in check.

Vladimir Putin

The enigmatic Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, can be seen giving his two thumbs up to a woman protester at an event.

The Clintons

The dog was obviously onto something… When it is Bill Clinton the dog gets frisky with, it is funny!

Joe Bidden

The woman seems to be happy where she’s sitting. However, the biker guys don’t look too pleased.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Barack Obama

Here’s a picture of Helle Thorning-Schmidt taking a selfie with Barack Obama and David Cameron. Michelle Obama couldn’t be bothered about the proceedings.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Helle Thorning-Schmidt leader oh Denmark caught right as she falls the stairs. Ouch!

Rahm Israel Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi

The 55th Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Israel Emanuel, can be seen close to Nancy Pelosi, the Madame Speaker of the House and Obama’s Chief of Staff. It looks creepy, to say the least.

Ted and Heidi Cruz

Ted and Heidi Cruz share an intimate moment. It looks awkward as hell, though.

Kim Jong-Un

Why are the children crying? They have obviously been brainwashed.

The Clintons

This picture was snapped immediately after Bill Clinton gave a press conference about his famous scandal. Hillary Clinton couldn’t have given a meaner look to her husband.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

Bill Clinton can be seen playing golf with Barack Obama. They must have been talking about their wives.

Angela Merkel

Here’s a picture of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, enjoying a pickled herring at the name-giving ceremony for the fish trawler ROS 777 “Mark”, of the Warnemuender fishery in Sassnitz, Germany.

Mitt Romney

We have no idea what the girls were really looking at, but in the picture it sure comes out funny.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Did Nicolas Sarkozy touch Maud Fontenoy inappropriately while awarding her with the Chevalier of the French order of Merit?

George W. Bush

What an unforgettable moment!

Obama and McCain

This picture was taken after the conclusion of the final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead. McCain can be seen almost heading off in the wrong direction after shaking hands with Obama.

George W. Bush

Here is George W. Bush speaking to a Darfur Human Rights Activist at the White House.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama tries to kiss Aung San Suu Kyi on her cheeks. Unfortunately, he plants one on her ear. This picture was snapped at Aung San Suu Kyi’s abode in Yangon in 2014.

Hillary Clinton

We have no idea why Hillary seems so amused; the little girl doesn’t either.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama just photo blocked someone by waving at the camera. This picture of Obama with the world leaders was taken during the Open Government Partnership in New York City.

Obama and Abdul-Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani

Obama can be seen left hanging here. That must have an embarrassing moment for Barack.

Arseny Yatseniuk and Oleg Barna

Rada deputy, Oleg Barna, throws Arseny Yatseniuk out of the tribune by grabbing his crotch.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy can be seen here getting an inappropriate dance from an unidentified woman. The Ivory Coast President, Alassane Ouattara, looks ecstatic.

Alex Salmond

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, gets hit in the face with a soccer ball during a Street Soccer Scotland photocall. He must have shed a few tears after the accident.

David Miliband

Obviously, the British Labour Party member, David Miliband, is not too fond of parties. He tries to get his groove on during a Diversity party at a Labour conference, but his awkward stance tells a different tale.

Al Gore

Al Gore’s visit to the opening of a homeless children’s center, Echo Park, appears as though it didn’t go too well.

Queen Elizabeth II and Vladimir Putin

While the political leaders, Barack Obama and Jerry Mateparee, rush to the aid of Queen Elizabeth II, Vladimir Putin offers no sign of help. This occurred after the Prince of Wales criticised Putin during his Canada tour, comparing Putin to Adolf Hitler. We wouldn’t have lent a helping hand too if we were Putin.

Barack Obama

Cuban President, Raul Castro, deflects Barack Obama’s embrace. Barack Obama must have felt the awkward sensation chilling to the bones.

Barack Obama

The first African-American US President, Barack Obama, doesn’t look too pleased to be in the company of the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev. Dmitry doesn’t look too happy either.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel

So, what did Silvio Berlusconi whisper into Nicolas Sarkozy’s ears? This picture was taken at the final press conference about the failing banks and financial groups at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Miriam Leone and Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi can be seen here looking at 2003 Miss Italy, Miriam Leone.

Mexican Delegate

Of course, if it is acceptable to click a selfie at a toilet, it is fine if a leader takes a selfie at a summit meeting.

Jacques Chirac

Former French President, Jacques Chirac, tries to plant a kiss on a young girl outside the popular, Le Senequier café, in the French Rivera.

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