Inspiring Weight Loss Stories of Famous Stars


If you want to lose weight, the unhealthy way is a yo-yo diet. This diet method doesn’t have any effect on losing weight for the term. But getting and role and making it real is the reason that a lot of movie stars had to undergo this type of dieting.

To lose weight is not a bad thing, but to gain in back in record time for the next movie is a thing that many celebrities are doing on regular basis.

These next weight loss transformation stories are a source for inspiration.

Jake Gyllenhaal


Gaining a great body shape isn’t strange for Jake. 2012 is a great example for this statement: he got into shape for Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

But losing 30 pounds for ‘Nightcrawler’ and astonishingly fast gaining 15 pounds is something that just Gyllenhaal can do. Billy Hope is a role that really changed him in any possible way.

Antoine Fuqua, director of the movie said in an interview for Vanity Fair: ‘After he did Nightcrawler, he was a little skinny guy and had to buff up. We trained about six months before we started shooting, two-a-days. What he did—I had him train with me, because I train every day. So he could just do it with my trainer. Then he had to go away to do Everest [a mountain-climbing drama, scheduled for release in September] so we tried to have someone there with him, to keep him on a diet and keep him going. And to Jake’s credit he did a pretty good job of maintaining, at least to a degree. And then as soon as he came back, we just went in and sparred for four months of every-day training, everywhere he went. Jake was in a ring every day.’

Matt Damon


2009 drama, ‘The Informant’ was a movie where Damon under went a great transformation. He had to gain over 30 pounds! Then came 2010 and his task was to quickly brush off those 30 gained pounds for the movie Green Zone.
Some time ago he was named Sexiest Man Alive, but after the transformation he joked about it and told in one interview that he is the Sexiest Man Alive’s chubby cousin. Matt also sad that boxing is a great way of losing weight – “if you get hit enough times, it will fall off.”

Christian Bale

Remember the disturbing movie ‘The Machinist’? It wasn’t just creepy due the topic being about a guy thinking he’s going crazy since he didn’t sleep for a year, but also Bale’s weight going down for incredible 60 pounds made a strong impact too.

This was result of his only coffee and apples consuming diet. But this wasn’t even planned in the script. Why did he do it remains a question. And then again he shows his incredible transformation – he had to return all his weight for ‘The Dark Knight’ – six weeks of pizza and ice cream eating was enough for it.

Chris Pratt


After roles in the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” 34-year-old actor Chris Pratt continued to work on his body, and the result is a sight for sore eyes. Pratt, for his role in the Sci-Fi blockbuster, spent hours in the gym, and about his results he tells  fans via Instagram.

He achieved this in only 6 months – his trainer and nutritionist were the most important people and of course his own will and all the techniques he used: kickboxing, swimming, boxing, running and triathlon.

Jared Leto

First, he loses 30 pounds in 2000, for the movie Requiem for a Dream, where his role was one of a drug addict. Then he had to gain 65 pounds for ‘Chapter 27’ in 2007. But Leto wouldn’t be himself if he hadn’t done another unique transformation – for Dallas Buyers Club, he remained ‘Rayon’ the transsexual, during every production minute of the movie.

Anne Hathaway

Musical/opera Le Miserables was the reason Anne Hathaway had to lose 25 pounds, but she never wanted to speak frankly about that since she didn’t want to encourage young women to follow her. It was just part of her dedication as an actor, as her advice is that for a role you really want to have, you should be willing to cut off your hair, lose weight and look an idiot singing.

Tom Hanks


Castaway was an amazing movie. But also, Hanks’ incredible transformation was amazing. His task was to get 50 pounds so he can play a middle aged man that has over weight problems and then after finding himself on a remote island he loses that same weight. 55 pounds to be exact.

Not shaving and not cutting hair was another transformation thing that he performed perfectly. 2 hours of cardio training were held each day.

Colin Farrell

In a 2009 movie, ‘Triage’ Colin had to take of 40 pounds so he can play a delusional man struggling with his war memories. About losing weight he had this to say: “I lost weight because my role demanded it. It was all very healthy.”

In the same interview he gave his opinion about Scott Anderson, author of the book that was the movie inspiration. This is a quote from the book : “He went to the bathroom to shave. Once his beard was gone he saw that his face had become drawn. He pressed at the hollows beneath his eyes, the pronounced nubs of his cheekbones.”

Charlize Theron

In the 2003 movie ‘Monster’ she was playing a serial killing prostitute. She had to first gain 30 pounds, wear dentures and bleach her eyebrows. She underwent all of this because her intent was to “get to the same place” as her character that had a lot of body problems.

After shooting this movie she has gone under a diet, refusing to tell its exact details, but it appears that it was a combination of fitness workouts, no alcohol and small meals.


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