These Kids Won the Internet This Week


The internet totally fell in love with several kids this week! From kids making videos spouting thoughts about vaccination, to the three kids who are in love with their local garbage men, we couldn’t stop sharing these kids!  Let’s look at the kids who are doing the right thing, and making us think, laugh or feel.

The 5-Year Old Who Called the Police on His Dad

A 5-year old called the police on his dad in Boston. The adorable tyke wanted to report that his dad ran a red light. It was in “mommy’s new car” and then he “went to the car wash.” The cop and the boy’s father had a good laugh and the father was let off with a warning. Seems that kid has an eye for law enforcement! He’s a real stickler for the rules, isn’t he?

Marco Arturomarco-evidence

Marco Arturo is a big science nut who loves to make videos for Facebook, where thousands of followers watch. He decided to make a video about the link between vaccinnations and autism. Holding a folder of his evidence, he makes his case.

What? It’s empty. He says that after reviewing all of evidence for two weeks, and studying how vaccines have saved people from polio, etc, it’s conclusive. Even Ashton Kutcher shared his video! Marco also wants people to think about having a non-vaccinated kid can compromise someone with a weak immunue system who can’t be vaccinated. We expect big things for this kid!

2-Year Old Triplets Love Their Garbage Mangarbage-day-kids

A set of 2-year old triplets in Orlando, Florida has won our hearts because of their endearing love for their garbage men. The toddlers (Holden, Heaton and Wilder) are overjoyed to see their three friends, Mr. Rob, Mr. Chad and Mr. Andrew. They first met them when they were a few months old, and the relationship has been going strong since then. Their mom, Martha Sugalski, a local newscaster, says that the garbage truck drivers would beep the horn for the kids, and call out a greeting. Now the kids know that “Garb Day” is the day they’ll get to see their friends. You can watch all of the videos on mom’s Facebook page. The triplets just invited the trio of workers to their birthday party, too.

Emma Bennettemma-doll

American Girl dolls have been making dolls that represent all types of children, with diversity, special accessories and more. One little girl in Texas got a special present this week, and her reaction went viral. It’s a video of her receiving a doll with a prosthetic leg. Emma Bennet was thrilled to receive the doll her parents had made custom by A Step Ahead Prosthetics. The video starts out with a little girl giving her sister a letter and an American Girl doll box. Emma doesn’t even get through the letter before she has to open her doll. She’s so happy she’s crying. Emma has a leg prosthetic because of a birth defect, and it’s great to see that the doll is just the one she wanted, just like her.

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