Networks Killed Off a Ton of New and Old Shows!


ABC and other networks just axed a bunch of shows. The spring cancellation time is upon us, and shows are getting cut right and left. Some were surprising, while others came as no shock! Let’s see if your favorite show made it.

Castle – After 8 seasons, it was time to shut down Castle. Stana Katic had announced she was coming back, and rumblings on the blind item sites were that Nathan Fillion didn’t want her to come back. The show was ended, and aired its finale, where it showed that – surprise – Castle and Beckett had a brood of kids.

The Muppets – The Muppets reboot was a slice of life mockumentary but it didn’t make it past the first season.

The Grinder – Rob Lowe’s show where he plays a TV lawyer who becomes a lawyer in real life got axed its first season.

CSI: Cyber – CSI’s last spinoff put the franchise to bed…for now.


Supergirl – Supergirl was canceled on CBS and moves to CW. Calista Flockhart is negotiating with CW and the show’s producers about her future on the show as Cat Grant.

Bordertown – Fox didn’t give the animated sitcom about border patrol a chance, and canceled it.

Game of Silence – It barely had any episodes run, but NBC got rid of the drama mystery intrigue show Game of Silence.

Telenovela – The funny soap opera spoof Telenovela was killed by NBC.

Nashville – Nashville had four seasons, and now this one will be its last. The show had gone off the rails with absurd plots lately.

Agent Carter – Agent Carter sadly didn’t make it past her 2nd season, which in itself, was a victory for comic book fans. It wasn’t a shock though, as star Hayley Atwell had already taken a job in the series Conviction, premiering in the fall.

Galavant – The musical fantasy comedy was surprisingly given a second season, but then canceled after it aired.

The Family – The missing-child drama had intrigue, but low ratings so ABC decided to say goodbye.

Containment – It just barely aired its first season but CW said no thanks to the viral drama.

Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life – The bro comedy got poor ratings and was moved around to a new timeslot, and it wasn’t enough to save it.

Heartbeat – A medical drama on NBC that you may have never heard of, Heartbeat flatlined on the schedule and now NBC called a code blue. (it’s dead)

Crowded – Barely on, Crowded was taking up too much valuable space on NBC, so it’s gone.

Undateable – Surviving since 2014, Undateable has finally gone away. For many, it was unwatchable.

Grandfathered – It may have been cute but the John Stamos comedy on FOX didn’t last.

Rush Hour – You probably didn’t know it existed, but it was canceled.

Person of Interest and Good Wife – The two CBS dramas aired their final episodes this spring, and talk has turned to a Good Wife spinoff.

Minority Report – I didn’t even know this was still on, but it seems Fox canceled it.

Hopefully none of these are your favorites!