Numerous Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


It is high time you stopped sipping on coffee first thing in the morning. Instead of feeding your body caffeine, it is advisable for you to begin your day with a glass of warm lemon water.  The benefits of drinking lemon water are numerous and we have scoured over the web to compile a legitimate list of its advantages. Have a look!

8. Greatly improves your immune system

A lemon juice a day helps keep the cold away. High on vitamin C, lemons can be the perfect substitute for cold capsules and cough syrups.  The ascorbic acid found in lemons has also been scientifically proven to help patients with respiratory diseases cope with their symptoms better. The nerve and brain functions in the body are also well stimulated by the citrus fruit because of its high potassium value. This results in the blood pressure being kept well in check.

7. Helps you digest better

When it comes to flushing out toxins and harmful materials from your body, nothing does a better job than the citrus fruit. Lemons also assist the liver in the creation of bile juice— the juice is instrumental in the digestion of food in the body. The toxins in the digestive tract are also loosened by lemons and that tremendously helps give relieve to people who suffer the symptoms of bloating, belching and heartburn etc.

6. A fresh skin is guaranteed

A congressional review of the ingredients found in your skin care products will help you identify the ubiquitous presence of lemons. It is because lemons have stood the test of several types of research and have been found to be useful in the decrease of wrinkles and the prevention of blemishes in the skin. Since lemons aid in the detoxification of blood, a glowing radiant skin can also be achieved with the proper usage of lemons. The presence of alkaline in lemons also prevents the breakout of acne.

5. Keeps you fit and helps you lose weight

The high amount of pectin fiber found in lemons helps curb hunger cravings. This results in you eating only when you experience physical hunger, thus, limiting your intake of calorie. So, when you stop overeating, your chances of gaining weight drastically decreases.

4. Cleanses your system

The rate of urination in the body is greatly increased with the consumption of lemon juice. Hence, you will be making numerous trips to the lavatory after drinking lemon juice. This automatically helps in the stimulation and detoxification of the liver since the enzyme starts working overtime at full throttle.

3. Say goodbye to bad breath

You will discover best results when you drink lemon water before you set about brushing your teeth. Doing so will cure you of your bad breath and will provide you relieve if you suffer from gingivitis or a toothache.

2. You will feel energized and happy

Since lemons contain more negative charged ions than positive ones, your body will be provided with more energy when it enters the digestive tract. It has also been scientifically backed that lemons have a scent that can enhance and brighten one’s mood. So, if you’re one who suffers from a serious bout of depression and anxiety every once in a while, we would advise you to give lemons a try.

1. Helps in the healing process

It is a well-known fact that ascorbic acid helps expedite the healing process in humans and also plays an instrumental role in maintaining connective tissue, cartilage, and healthy bones. No other fruit can boast of having as much ascorbic acid as lemons.



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