OMG! Disney Channel is Airing a Mega Marathon of DCOMs


If the words “Zeetus lepetus” mean anything to you, you were probably, and may still be, a Disney Channel kid. This summer it’s a blast from the past as The Disney Channel will soon air a mega marathon of all of their Disney Channel Original Movies, commonly known as “DCOMs.” The channel has released 100 original movies, with many titles featuring familiar faces that are still relevant today. Now they’re going to commemorate the event with a marathon of their viewers’ favorite films. The Disney Channel movie marathon will be 3 days long, and will feature all of your favorite movies in all of their cheesy 1990’s and 2000’s glory.



The DCOM marathon begins Friday, May 27 and runs to Monday, May 30. All weekend long you’ll be able to watch DCOMs, with 51 titles aired in all. The movies to be played during this weekend will be the 51 most popular films, then a new round of movies will start on Tuesday. Kicking off the marathon is the movie The Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama from 2005, airing at 10 A.M. It’s the first animated DCOM, the second Kim Possible movie, and was aired near the show’s last season. The last movie, aired on Memorial Day Monday, will be Johnny Tsunami, which will air till around 3:30 A.M. However, that’s not the end of the schedule, because DCOMs will air throughout June, until Disney has aired every single DCOM leading up to their newest title, Disney’s 100th DCOM Adventures in Babysitting, a reboot of the classic 80’s movie. The marathon is also being hosted by the cast, reports say.


It’s going to be a welcome sight for many of us who want to relive our childhood and tween years, so Disney Channel should see nice numbers as those viewers tune in to see their favorites. The first DCOM was 1997’s Northern Lights, and it doesn’t look Disney will stop at movie #100 either. High School Musical was one of Disney Channel’s biggest movies, with several sequels and merchandise galore. The film definitely found a place on the DCOM marathon schedule, but you may be surprised as to what else made and what didn’t. Many of the titles from the 1990’s didn’t make it, at least for the marathon, so don’t expect to see Northern Lights, Under Wraps, You Lucky Dog, Don’t Look Under the Bed, and other lesser-known DCOMs just yet. They’ll probably make it in the June airings, but for now, here’s what you can expect to see.

The High School Musical franchise is airing in full force, and the Zenon titles are scheduled for air too, as are the Halloweentown movies. Both Cheetah Girls titles will be airing, plus both Teen Beach films.  Even if you don’t agree with the lineup just yet, some of these films aren’t available on DVD or streaming, so they’re a treat to see. Adventures in Babysitting will air June 24 at 8 P.M.

Disney has published the full official schedule for the DCOM marathon on EW.COM. Schedules for the movies airing in June haven’t been made available yet.