ABC’s Once Upon a Time Had Its First Same-Sex Kiss!


Once Upon a Time, ABC’s fairy tale-themed show, finally showed a new kind of happy ending. For years, the creators of the show, Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis, had promised they would do an LGBT romance story line. On Sunday, April 17, they finally came through with their promise. For many, it was a too little, too late, story line. For others, it was a sign of the show no longer being for them. The official Facebook page for Once Upon a Time was immediately flooded with comments, both for and against the story line. Some people said the show was a “family show,” and were horrified that the show would show a LGBT story line. Disney, who owns ABC, has always been progressive, and even had a two-moms family in their last season of Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel.

The couple on Once Upon a Time was Ruby, also known as Red, as in Red Riding Hood, and Dorothy, as in Dorothy Gale, the heroine of Wizard of Oz. The episode, Ruby Slippers, showed Ruby and Dorothy in the woods of Oz, pursued by the Wicked Witch. For those not in the know, Once Upon a Time is a mishmash of all of the fairy tales we know and love, where Snow White is best friends with Red Riding Hood, and Rumpelstiltskin doubles as the Dark One, a malevent imp who once wanted to destroy the world. To tell the whole story would take way too long, so let’s focus on the fact that people are mad that Dorothy kissed Red Riding Hood.

The kiss in question was done because Dorothy was in a sleeping curse, and was needing True Love’s Kiss to wake her up. Ruby had come to care for her while they were in Oz, and was the one to wake her up. That kiss was the “kiss of death” for many who were angry at Once Upon a Time for “going there.” Although this show has a woman murder her father in the first season, for many, the Dorothy/Ruby scene was too much. Now their reaction is burning up the Internet. Some people are mad that “Disney’s characters are now gay,” though Disney only made movies of the characters, he didn’t write the original tales. This is also a show where Peter Pan is Rumpelstiltskin’s father, so the mash-ups are already coming fast and furious. The third point is that children are watching this show, and it’s a family show. Villages have been slaughtered, and a grandfather even tried to kill his grandson. But the same-sex kiss was the kiss of death, and was an agenda, to many. 

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Once Upon a Time has a huge fan base that would like to see another same-sex couple, Emma and Regina, also known as SwanQueen. They’ve been vocal about their wants, and YouTube is full of videos depicting the two in the relationship. SwanQueen, to them, makes sense, because the woman share a son. Emma is the birth mother of Henry, Regina’s adopted son. The two were reunited when Henry found Emma living in Boston, and brought her to Storybrooke. But the show didn’t do SwanQueen, and it doesn’t look like it will. What it did is show that happy endings come in any types of ways…and many were happy.

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