Sorry, Moms, There’s No Chick-Fil-A Mommy Meal


There’s a new rumor going around the Internet and it is about Chick-Fil-A’s new so-called “Mommy Meal.” The meal in question is a free meal delivered to women who are expecting and/or new mothers. A picture promoting the meal is circulating around Facebook, and people are flooding Chick-Fil-A’s Facebook wall asking if it’s true, and saying what an amazing good deal it is.


The original text of the post said the following: “Attention expecting moms. If u contact ur closet chic fil a close to ur due date or right after u have the baby they offer a new mom meal for FREE. It’s a small platter, 4 large fries or fruit, a gallon of lemonade or tea, and cookies. Pretty cool!!! So ladies, contact them when its time for this awesome deal! Tag amy expecting mothers u know and share!” It’s now been shared over 60,000 times, and has received 40,000 comments to date.

Mom blogs, forums, and Facebook users answered the call for free chicken nuggets immediately, with the original message receiving hundreds of comments and tagged Facebook users. Some blogs reported mommies received the meal, while others said they would receive a coupon good for the meal in question. Pressed for details, a follow-up message from the original poster stated the following:

“The locations on 59 close to Deerbrook mall and also the one on Beltway 8 and Wilson Rd both in Humble, Tx offer it. I’m not sure if any others do but you can always check to see.”

There’s just one problem. This promotion isn’t available to every mother, and it certainly isn’t across the United States. One franchise restaurant owner is providing the “Mommy Meal” in Houston, Texas, and did so as an act of kindness, and thanks to the mass promotion, probably won’t do much longer, based on the attention they’re getting. In the meantime, Chick-Fil-A is being asked about it repeatedly on their Facebook wall and had to debunk the rumor. A search on Google for the Chick-Fil-A “mommy meal” yielded over 500,000 results, and there are likely more reports of it being true coming.

This isn’t a new rumor either, as combing through parenting boards will reveal posters discussing how to register at your local restaurant for a free meal in 2015, and even earlier. Chick-Fil-A recently unveiled their Mommy Valet service, a feature where parents can place an order at drive-thru, and an employee will prepare a table for them inside.

This is just another example at how fast information can travel, even when that information is for a limited small group of people. Other fast food chains have felt the heat when people shared an exclusive offer available for their local restaurant location and it went viral, and that phenomenon will likely continue. Chick-Fil-A was the victim of a rumor where they would be open Sundays, and that rumor has persisted, and pops up every now and then, and in October 2015, someone made and circulated an “all you can eat nugget day” flyer that people fell for on social media. We just feel bad for the poor employees who likely have to field the “mommy meal” calls for the next few days. Remember next time you see an offer of a “free” meal, or plane ticket or Disney pass, etc, and feel the urge to share… do your research! 

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