Teenager who was Famous on Instagram Left Social Networks


She’s only 18-years old and has got very well-known career as a model on the Internet. Her Instagram profile has got over 710,000 followers and on her YouTube channel she has 260,000 subscribers and 60,000 on her Snapchat account.

Essen O’Neill is a teenager who has, with her attractive photographs and beautiful appearance, gained immense popularity in social networks.

For already two years she has been a real Internet sensation, and each of her photos on Instagram is more beautiful than the last and has more likes. But, realizing that she has become wholly dependent on the likes and opinions of others, and began to live a life just to do a better selfie – Essen has done something that no one before her had the courage. In addition to her “perfect” image she honestly wrote what is actually in them.

Over the past few years Essen has created a social – media empire. When starting high school she began to publish photos on her blog and other social networks, footage on YouTube and quickly became addicted.

“I fell in love with the idea that I can be of use to other people. I would say to myself that I became totally dependent on the fact if people are liking me on social networks.’


Even though her perfect photos give the impression as if her life is absolutely perfect, just Essen knew just how dependent on the likes she was and how they manage all her life.
All those very “spontaneous” photos, all those wonderful selfies with a perfect smile, the image sculpted muscles and perfect hair eventually have completely changed her personality. She realized she was no longer living to enjoy – but to do a better photo for Instagram.
All this is of course a result of received revelation, and the wonderful photos that often advertise some brands or locations. After all, she decided to speak honestly about everything and criticize the world of social networks, which she believes destroy lives.

“I left all the social networks, except Instagram, where I left the truth and reality that stood in all those photos. Deleting all these applications from my phone was one of the most liberating and encouraging things I’ve ever done,” she begins her story.

She criticized the way in which manufacturers of new products and brands are paying models and young girls that are popular on social networks to advertise them, but in fact they are imposed by the pressure of having to run your life perfect.

“We are the generation that has been told to constantly consume something, without knowing from where it comes and where it goes,” she said.

Essen has thus become the Internet celebrity which openly admitted backdrop of all these photos. That is:  behind the spontaneous selfies there are hours and hours of effort, and photos on which she poses at sunset – frantically posturing and waiting for the sun to be just in the perfect location.

She deleted most of the photos, and those were left Essen has written what really stands behind each of them.

This picture shows what it’s really like making such a ‘perfect’ photo:


‘Paid for this photo. If you find yourself looking at “Instagram girls” and wishing your life was there’s… Realize you only see what they want. If they tag a company 99% of the time it’s paid. Nothing is wrong with supporting brands you love (for example I proudly would promote Eco sheets or a vegan meal in exchange for money as its business for a purpose to me). BUT this ^^^ this has no purpose. No purpose in a forced smile, tiny clothes and being paid to look pretty. We are a generation told to consume and consume, with no thought of where it all comes from and where it all goes.’


There is nothing Zen about trying to look Zen, taking a photo of you trying to be Zen and proving your Zen on Instagram.

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