20 Hilarious Celebrity Photobombs


Photobombing is an art, and celebrity photobombing is a rare gift to humanity. Whether the celebrities are being photobombed or actually doing the photobombing, the result is hilarious. We can only hope that seeing these works of art inspires you to look a little more closely at every photograph…and perhaps partake in some photobombing yourself.



  1. Queen Elizabeth


These two girls certainly had no idea what’s going on behind there back and who is photobombing them. If they knew it was the ever serious Queen Elizabeth they would have thought twice before taking a selfie. So the Queen is fun. No wonder this photo has gone viral and shall become a photobomb evergreen.

2.  Chris Rock


Was this a UNICEF marketing trick? Rihanna was trying to be graceful and take an attractive pose while Chris was photobombing her from behind. Did he see something he’d like or he did this to attract people talking about the charity event?

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt


People today watch live shows just to see what accident is going to happen. You can’t stop yourself, including celebrities, when you know camera is going to film it all. Even Gordon-Levitt couldn’t resist this need and the best thing is the hosts didn’t see this until it was too late.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch


Oscars in 2014 will be remembered by Benedict making a one of a kind photobomb while Bono and his band are trying to make a pose. What a sacrifice! Benedict had to literally jump and at the same time make a funny as hell face. The pretty lady didn’t know what’s going on.

5. Derek and Julianne Hough


Who doesn’t love remembering all those quarrels with out siblings? Well, Derek and July still love doing them – Derek photobombed her trying to have an elegant Emmy photo, and she took revenge while he was posing with Jimmy Fallon.

6. Dave Grohl


The rock legend ruined the Jessica and Nick sweetness. But who cares? We love Dave and all his craziness and adding something interesting to this photo on MTV Awards back in 2005. These two should be proud for having their picture photobombed by this legendary rocker.

7. Justin Bieber


So this is the moment when Justin decided to start annoying us. And it all started with a photobombing. KAty Perry with her ex husband Russel Brand took this photo back in 2011 when Justin appeared behind their back. A great memory for the couple and for us – Justin was so much less boring on these MTV Awards.

8. Tom Hanks


Who else than Tom Hanks could have made one of the best photobombs ever? The famous actor was having his usual drink at the bar when he notices this poor fellow passed out. He figured he could take his phone and photobomb him with it. Just imagine his reaction when he opened his phone – everyone wanted to be there!

9. Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy came up with this photobombing idea for his show. He together with Cameron decided photobomb tourist that taught they were taking their pictures for the website Top of the Rock. But the truth was that Cameron and Jimmy figured out some really funny ways to get into others pictures. This one was popular in particular.

10. Neil Patrick Harris


Is there anyone who doesn’t love Neil? He makes everyone laugh thank to his great character and funny ideas. This photobomb is a proof of it. When John and Chrissy wanted to make a beautiful selfie he decided to photobomb them in a really legen-selfie-way and make a unique picture.

11. Robert Pattinson


Can you figure out what’s going on in this picture? Is she photobombing him since it looks like she doesn’t know the camera is there or is he really stunned by her reaction? Maybe she’s the worst non-Twilight fan or maybe he really did something to her.

12. Micheal Cera


What’s funnier? Celebs photobombing each other or regular people? Here we can see Michael Cera photobombing a man taking picture with 2 parrots that should have been stars but now nobody’s looking at them – we don’t know how did the photographer manage to make a photo at all!

13. Taye Diggs


This is real photobomb! Former Gossip Girl star is trying to look graceful and serious but Taye and his tongue are making a problem. His goofy face really ruined her photo. But you can see more of Taye n the Broadway revival of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Jessica is playing a role on ‘Kingdom’.

14. George Clooney


Jerry, Jessica and Steven didn’t have a clue that handsome George with his crazy eyes is photobombing their posing. The picture is awesome for so many reasons – very popular stars and the handsomest man alive in one picture – could it get any better?

15. Hugh Laurie


Does Dr. House really have something against Olivia and Justin or is he just relaxing after being bitchy to someone? We don’t know that but we are certain that he pretty damn good photobombed this nice meeting.

16. Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black


So Dusty and Jacky are not only funny on the big screen, eh? They photobombed astonishing Angie and made it like this – no one looked at her, everyone was too busy checking out these two. Do you have a clue what they were doing?

17. Emma Thompson


Ever serious Emma has a funny and crazy side. She literally photobombed Lupita in the best possible way. We give her a 10 for this photobombing. Lupita’s dress wasn’t the center of the photograph as it should have been and the worst part is that she saw this in a GIF version when she came home and a friend showed it to her. Shock was a moderate word to explain what happened here.

18. Jared Leto


Keaton’s and Desplat’s photo wouldn’t be so popular if it hadn’t been for Leto and his popping up. Vanity Fair Oscar’s bash was the even and everything was great. Jared surprised us all with this since he has become a very serious actor that spend most of his time getting into the role.

19. Armie Hammer

Hammer_4534543This one can be in the top list of photobombing. Aaron Sorkin and Jesse Eisenberg taught they were posing and having a normal picture but Social Network actor really performed photobombing in the nut shell. These two didn’t know a thing and that’s why it’s even more funnier.

20. Simon Pegg


Every movie premiere has to have an official cast photo and this one almost got ruined by Simon Pegg. But nobody got mad since they all kow him and his funny side. Paula Patton, Tom Cruise, and Lea Seydoux had to take another one and hope that Pegg isn’t going to jump into the scene once again. Mission impossible we might say!

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