The Stars of Beverly Hills, 90210, Then and Now


As a teenager in the 90s, we were glued to our TV boxes when the show, Beverly Hills, 90210, aired. We grew up with the show’s cast and the show gave our first real exposure to soap opera. We always looked forward to the episodes and imagined ourselves living in that world. The show originally aired from October 4, 1990, to May 17, 2000. During that period, it had ten seasons and 292 episodes. Most of the original cast have since aged and grown to live amazing lives. Have a look at the stars of Beverly Hills, 90210 then and now to understand how far they’ve come.

1. Lindsay Price (Janet Sosna)

Lindsay essayed the role of Janet Sosna to perfection. She played the love interest of Steve; they would eventually end up getting married. Before the actress joined the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210, she appeared in a commercial for Toys R Us and on the show, I’m Telling. She also had roles in All my Children and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Even after the cancellation of the show, Lindsay found regular work and was notched for her acting services with recurring roles on Becker, Pepper Dennis, Lipstick Jungle and East Wick. Lindsay even got into the music industry; she released a five-song EP titled, Someone Like Me. Unfortunately, its release was met with lukewarm responses.

2. Vincent Young (Noah Hunter)

Vincent Young first appeared on the show’s 8th season during the cast’s vacation to Hawaii as Noah Hunter. He enacted stellar scenes as the son of a rich oil magnate and got audiences worldwide intrigued with his love for Valerie, struggle with alcoholism etc. The plot line revolved around his father’s suicide.

Vincent was initially hired for a small role, but after overwhelming responses, the producers gave him a run for 84 episodes. Unfortunately, after his honeymoon period with Beverly Hills, 90210, his acting career started spiraling downwards.

3. Kathleen Robertson (Clare Arnold)

Although Kathleen was the youngest member of the cast, she was no small fry. Prior to landing the role of Clare Arnold, she had already been largely recognized for her role in the Canadian sitcom, Maniac Mansion. She first appeared on the 4th season of the show on the bad end of an unrequited love affair with Brandon. After leaving the show, Kathleen found success on the big screen as well, popularly making appearances in the movies, Scary Movie 2, I Am Sam, and Hollywoodland.


4. Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh)

It is fair to state that Shannen Doherty got her big break in Beverly Hills, 90210, where she portrayed the character of Brenda Walsh for 111 episodes. She was written off after the 4th season, but by then, she had already showcased her acting prowess. The actress gained an even greater following after her stint on the show, Charmed, where her character, Pure Halliwell, grew to be loved by audiences worldwide. The show helped propel Shannen further into the limelight and helped her accumulate an embarrassment of riches.

5. Tiffani Thiessen (Valerie Malone)

Tiffani made her entrance on the fifth season of the show as Valerie Malone. She was wild, manipulative and the love interest of nearly every man on the show. The actress had already amassed a substantial number of followers before her appearance on the show as she was both “Miss Junior America,” as well as Cover Girl magazine’s “Model of the Year.” The actress made a smooth transition to the movie industry after departing from television. She has starred in numerous movies such as From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money, Love Stinks, and Just Shoot Me. She is currently the host of her own cooking show, Dinner at Tiffani’s.

6. James Eckhouse (Jim Walsh)

James Eckhouse essayed the role of Brandon and Brenda’s father, Jim Walsh. The actor would later end up directing three episodes of the show after becoming a show staple in his run as Jim. Before taking up acting as a profession, James was a student at MIT. To date, he has over 108 acting credits to his name. Some of the movies he has appeared in include Trading Places, Fatal Attraction, Big, Cocktail, and The Avengers.


7. Carol Potter (Cindy Walsh)

The character of Cindy Walsh was perfectly played by Carol Potter. Her character was written in the series for 147 episodes. Prior to landing the role, she made a very good impression to the producers of Beverly Hills with her performance on a Broadway play, Gemini. After Beverly Hills, offers started declining at an alarming rate. But, unlike many, Carol was unfazed and she opted to spend time with her husband instead. In recent years, her impressive performance on “The Weakest Link” helped her raise $124,000 for a charity of her choosing.

8. Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman)

The love interest of Dan Rubin and Jesse in the series was portrayed by Gabrielle Carteris. She played the role of Andrea Zuckerman. The actress was involved in one of the most controversial episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210. Her character initially thought of getting an abortion, but later ended up having a change of heart. After her stint on the show, she hosted her own self-titled talk show. The show opened a lot of doors for her and she would later get plenty of voice acting offers for animation films and video games. The actress is currently the Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild.

9. Luke Perry (Dylan McKay)

We believe the show would have lacked without the performance of Luke Perry as Dylan McKay. The character had a recurring role in the first six and the last two seasons of the show. Luke left the show in hopes of pursuing a more serious acting career. Unfortunately, after a series of flops, he was forced to return to the show because of financial issues. Some of his other notable performances have been captured in the movies, The Fifth Element, Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The movie, and Jeremiah.

10. Joe E. Tata (Nat Bussichio)

Tata portrayed the long-standing role of Nat Bussichio with aplomb in the series. The man was fortunate enough to essay his role in the entire ten seasons of the show. After the completion of the show, he sought for greener pastures and ended up appearing on shows such as General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and Charmed. Out of all the roles he has undertaken in his career thus far, the actor has mentioned that he regards Nat Bussichio as his favorite.

11. Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh)

The role of the protagonist, Brandon Walsh, on the show, Beverly Hills, 90210, was played by Jason Priestley. His character was present for almost every character’s dilemma throughout the show. He also singlehandedly saved the ratings of the show on many occasions. After the show, the actor successful auditioned for shows such as, What I like about You, Tru Calling, ER, 7th Heaven, and Law & Order.

12. Tori Spelling (Donna Martin)

It certainly pays to be the producer’s daughter. Unlike most of the cast, Tori Spelling had the luxury of being given top notch acting lessons since early on. Her hard work was richly rewarded when she landed the role of Donna Martin, a character who seemed to have the worst luck in the world; the character was allergic to chocolate! After her father passed away in 2006, she inherited his $500 million estate. She’s very well off.

13. Brian Austin Green (David Silver)

Portraying the character of David Silver in Beverly Hills 90210, Brian Austin Green appeared in nearly every episode of the show. The man had quite the resume even before Beverly Hill, 90210. He was on Knot’s Landing for three seasons. After Beverly Hills 90210, he would have recurring roles in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle, Freddie, Wedding Band and Anger Management. He would also go on to marry one of Hollywood’s biggest sex bombshells, Megan Fox. Although they have since gone their separate ways, he did manage to get into her pants, and that’s a major feat. Now, we would like to believe that that’s better than inheriting $500 million.

14. Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders)

Ian Ziering played the role of Steve Sanders with ease and finesse. His character was a rich snob whose job was to make Brandon appear more mature. The actor didn’t have prior experience and his inclusion in the cast was a mere coincidence. After the show, he made appearances on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars. He has also done a bit of voice acting work for Godzilla: The Series. Ian also gave an award winning directorial debut with Man vs. Monday.


15. Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor)

Jennie Garth was chosen to play the role of the female protagonist, Kelly Taylor. Kelly was undoubtedly most boys’ teenage crush in the 90s. She was the sole reason they fell in love with the show in the first place. Her character was a ubiquitous presence in the entirety of the show spanning 292 episodes. Upon the conclusion of the show, Jennie went on to host her own shows, The Jennie Garth Project, and, Jennie Garth, A Little Bit Country. She is currently a mom of three and prefers rearing her children.

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