These Are The Reasons Why Spring Break Is The Best Vacation Time Ever!


There’s a reason why students get excited about and anticipate spring break. After all the term papers, exams, reports and all the school work have been done, it’s time to party! You’ll see hoards of students planning and booking tickets to coastal cities and tropical beaches. Where are you going to spend your spring break? Staying in town, or heading to a far far away island beach resort?


Enjoy the Beach

Life is better in flip flops. It’s all about saltwater, sand and the sun. From all the months spent at studying exams, homework, papers and training, take a break to some exotic land! And perhaps all you need is some vitamin SEA!


Fun Games at the Beach

Limbo your limber body! How low can you go for this game? Drink a couple more beers and try it. See how far you can bend and not lose your balance.

Image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest

Beach Volleyball

Show off your moves and enjoy the sport. Rent a beach volleyball court, set the teams and play with your friends. Not enough players? Get other students on vacation at the beach to join. It’s a great workout, plus you’ll get a good tan. Just make sure you apply a good amount of sunblock before you play.


Snorkeling and Diving

Not all the beautiful scenery is on land. Take a break from all the beer and parties to take snorkeling  or diving lessons from experts. It’s a great way to explore the beauty of the underwater marine ecosystem and make your trip more educational.



If you’re off to Bali, Hawaii, Australia or the Caribbean, check out some awesome surf spots. First time surfing? Check with your hotel or resort if they have or know local surf classes. Start with paddling, and then learn how to balance yourself on the surfboard. Looking for pro surf spots? Check online and local beach clubs on where to find good waves.


Jet Skiing

There are motorcycles for roads, snowmobiles for winter resorts, and jet skis for the seawater. Compared to wearing tens of layers of clothes during winter break, this time you get to wear your bikini or swimwear. Make sure to apply waterproof sunscreen generously all over your body and wear a life preserver for safety.



Feel the adrenaline rush with the salty water splashing on your face as the motor boat bounces up on the water in speed. Renting a boat might cost a bit more than other beach activities, but it’s well worth it. Get someone who know can drive the motorboat, wear your life jacket and enjoy the ride.


Make amazing sand furniture

Okay, you just want to lie down on the sand, get comfy, and enjoy the cold beer as you gaze at a beautiful view. No one’s going to drag a couch at the beach. So get creative and carve out awesome sand lounge chairs. Invite the crowd in your beach lounge and get the party started!

Image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest

Enjoy local beer, and party drinks

Party your way through the night and enjoy the beer and cocktails. If you’re in vacation in another country, try out some local beer and you might find some interesting brands. You can ask the resort bartender for their recommendations and fave cocktail concoctions. Just make sure that you manage the amount of beer you drink, as you don’t want to have that awful hangover headache in the morning


See Local Cultural Performances and Historical Sites

Where are you headed? Bali, Hawaii, Bahamas or the west coast? Don’t just party all day and all night. Take time to see the local sites and get to know more of the local culture. Schedule a day tour around the island or city, eat some local delicacies, and make it an educational experience. You can search online for DIY tour maps or go with a group tour. Don’t forget to snap awesome selfies!


Tug of War

This game never gets old. Break the ice and ramp up the fun with this group game. Compete with your fellow classmates and other students. Not enough players? Invite other students on vacation and gain new friends! There really is no limit on how many players you’ll have in each side, as long as they can hold the rope.

Be friendly but cautious with monkeys around

Think that all the party animals at the beach are all students in vacation? Think again. You should be careful of monkeys! Some are friendly, will just grab your drinks and food, but some are after your shades and stuff! If the resort you’re staying in has some trained pets, then that’s ok. But if not, hide your sunglasses, earrings and other small stuff that they can just grab. We’ve seen monkeys grab cameras and phones, and once they get up the trees, you’ll probably have a difficult time retrieving those back.



Here’s the irony for some – not everyone wants to spend their spring break at the beach. Not everyone at Florida will want to spend all their vacation days surfing and swimming, so some head to winter resorts at the north for skiing and skating.  And remember, they don’t have to worry about getting cold beer on those slopes!


Take Awesome Selfies

Share your pictures and take awesome selfies on where you’re at! Spring break is the selfie-paradise! Make duck faces, funny poses, take a snapshot of your cocktail, smoothies, the beach, or your new bikini then share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! And if you’re traveling with your friends, show everyone you’re all the best time of your life.


Keg Brigade

Beach parties aren’t complete without beer, and the wild keg brigade! Who are they? They’re the ones who keep the booze flowing! Can you carry that whole barrel of beer? These guys can surely carry a lot of beer. Incoming!

Keg Party

Relax and Have Your “Me” Time

Spring break is a “break” after all! You’re not really required to join everyone at the beach, and you can just stay at home or at the hotel to relax and have some quiet time within the walls of your comfort zone. Just make sure you won’t regret missing all the spring break fun that’s happening outside!


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