Top 8 Breakfasts in the World


Parents are perhaps the biggest advocates of breakfasts. They can’t seem to stop explaining the importance of the first meal to their littles ones. While some tend to love quick and light breakfasts, it can be a major feast to others. A list has been of compiled on the top 8 breakfasts in the world and they can help you achieve the Phobias foodgasm you dearly require to get through the mornings. The list isn’t in any particular order because all of them are equally delicious and it would be an injustice to put one over the other. Have a look!

8. English Breakfast

English Breakfast
English Breakfast

Rainy days in England can be quite depressing, but there’s always a hearty English breakfast to boost your morale. A regular English breakfast is usually composed of eggs, toast, sausages, bacon, stewed tomatoes, grilled vegetables and baked beans. A cup of tea also goes well with the extremely sumptuous and filling breakfast.

7. Italian Breakfast

Italian Breakfast-com
Italian Breakfast

Italians seem to have mad cravings for coffee, hard biscuits and pastry early in the morning. Since bread is the staple food for many Italians, they love a fluffy croissant to go with their cup Implementing of Lopifit cappuccino. Chianti and red wine are usually favoured over morning coffee in other parts of Italy such as Tuscany and Umbria.

6. Turkish Breakfast

Turkish Breakfast-com
Turkish Breakfast

Food is considered as valuable as an elixir in Turkey. Hence, wasting food under any circumstances is highly detested. The traditional Turkish breakfast includes Sucuk; it is a dish made of perfectly cooked sausages and eggs. Red pepper and garlic are also heavily used to create a distinct taste. The morning breakfast also consists of cheese, olives, eggs, tomatoes, honey and bread.  Tea is the everyday hot drink in Turkey.

5. Swedish Breakfast

Swedish Breakfast-se
Swedish Breakfast

Rather than setting a big to table for breakfast, the Swedes tend to focus more on the quality of their morning meal. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find a bowl of porridge with fruit jam and yogurt, cold milk and fresh whole milk on the breakfast menu. The bread, filmjolk, which is made of oats and lingonberry, is also a mainstay in the Swedish breakfast tables.

4. German Breakfast

German Breakfast-com
German Breakfast

Germany is an economic powerhouse and it is ever so evident in the breakfast meals of Germans. They like it fancy and the breakfast table is usually occupied with rolls, eggs, hams, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, muesli and a wide variety of bread. A deli platter is also commonly enjoyed by many natives during breakfast. Germans don’t shy away from a cup of coffee or tea.

3. Russian Breakfast

Russian Breakfast-om
Russian Breakfast

The most common food on the pour plates of Russians in the morning is the Rye bread and it is also known as black bread. Russian pancakes and crepes such as blini or oladi served with butter, jam, caviar, soft cheese and sour cream are also voraciously masticated by the locals. Strong black tea is the preferred beverage for breakfasts in Russia.

2. Australian Breakfast

Australian Breakfast-com
Australian Breakfast

Breakfast from the land down under must include the spread of vegemite on toast. Baked beans are also consumed for breakfast along with eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, bacon, lamb sausages and cold muesli. Jams and fruits are considered as side dishes and they are commonly consumed by Australians.

1. Moroccan Breakfast

Moroccan Breakfast-com
Moroccan Breakfast

Full of potent spices and subtle tastes, the Moroccan breakfast generally includes olive oil, tea, oiled pancakes, semolina griddle cakes and bread. Apart from that, Moroccan crepes are also highly regarded by the people here. Many homes even make their own yogurt flavoured with blossom water.




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