Top Advice for Divorced Men


It can be harrowing for any man to go through the transition of being married to living life alone. The situation can be further complex if there is a legal custody battle for a child in the mix. Nonetheless, one must be ready to bury the hatchet and look forward to adapting to new surroundings. The few bits of advice that are compiled below will soften the blow of your separation.

10. Forgive your partner

Your recovery will depend on your ability to forgive your partner. This is, by far, the most important step in moving forward. Since holding grudges will only bring back painful memories, you should let bygones be bygones and come through the divorce as the bigger man.

9. Hire a lawyer

Your split with your ex may be amicable, but when there is a legal custody battle for your child, things can take an ugly turn immediately. Hiring a lawyer will allow you to stay in the loop of legal proceedings and you will also benefit from proper legal counselling.  Gaining an upper hand in the courtroom can go a long way in helping you accept the inevitable changes in your life.

8. Time to start a new hobby

A new activity or a hobby can be the perfect solution for taking your mind off of depressing times; it can also work as a stress buster for you. So, if there is a language you’ve been itching to learn or an instrument you have been fancying of picking up, it would be perfect to do so right now.

7. Connecting with old friends

Since a lot of time is invested in relationships, a hectic marriage life can propel one to miss out on a lot of gatherings with friends from the past. A separation will allow one to establish connections with neglected buddies from before and it will give one the platform to share his misery. After all, men who share misery together are brothers forever.

6. You will heal eventually

Time has time and again proved to be the most powerful healing medicine in the world. You might feel the weight of the world crushing on your shoulders and it might keep you awake at night, but it is a phase that will eventually come to pass. Do remember that every end has a new beginning and happiness will knock at your doorstep.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

A lot of reports provide evidence that men don’t go easy on themselves if a marriage fails to work out. It should be taken into consideration that it takes two to tango and you shouldn’t fail to show compassion to yourself. There is truly no point crying over spilt milk.

4. Exercising your way to positivity

Exercising your way to

Exercising is highly recommended if you have a tough time getting through the divorce. The body’s feel-good neurotransmitters, endorphins, are released upon a good session of proper exercise. It’s a win-win situation really; you become positive and manage to keep your weight in check at the same time.

3. Put yourself out there

The single life should be embraced with open arms. It is time to let loose of your former primal self. You don’t have to worry about flirting with other women brazenly and you definitely needn’t worry about getting back home on time. You can chug as many beer cans as you like and there isn’t a need to worry about leaving the toilet seat up.

2. Time to re-evaluate your life

A little bit of self-introspection is required here to re-evaluate your life. Upon doing so, you will realize how far you’ve come and the area you need marked improvement in. When in a marriage, many often tend to lose their individualism. Going through a divorce could be an opportunity for you to reflect on your life so far.

1. You will lose friends

It is understandable if you share many mutual friends with your ex-wife. So, it is understandable for your friends to favor one over the other. Hence, you should be prepared to lose some of the friends who will eventually choose your wife over you.

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