Trans Individuals Shutting Down Bathroom Complaints with Viral Selfies


The so-called bathroom bills have made the headlines in the U.S. and in Canada lately, as local state and city governments propose making laws banning transgender individuals from using the bathroom for their gender identity. This means that it would be illegal for a female who has transitioned to a male to use the bathroom of the male gender, despite feeling more comfortable in there and presenting as a male in dress and outward appearance.

These laws have received a lot of attention, both with praise and scorn from individuals. On social media, trans individuals and their allies are sharing photos of what it would look like if these laws were passed, and trans individuals were forced to use the bathroom of their gender identity.

Although bills like this have existed in 2015 and even before, the introduction of North Carolina’s HB2 bill caused a firestorm after it was introduced by governor Pat McCory. The bill was signed by the governor on March 26. The bill has been called one of the country’s most sweeping anti-trans and LGBT laws.

One trans man who resides in North Carolina, J.P. Sheffield, shot back at McCory with a tweet that was followed by others sharing on social media how strange it would be to have someone who looks outwardly like a man forced to use a women’s bathroom because of this law. Twitter and Facebook were full of reactions. 

One man who was assigned female at birth posted a picture of himself with a group of women in the women’s bathroom to make a point of how it would look if he were forced to use the bathroom for female individuals.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.01.15 PM
Still others shared photos of a burly men who were born as women, such as this photo as Shawn Stinson, a FTM body building champion.

Target, a company that has publicly expressed their policies on inclusion, announced that their customers were free to use the bathroom of whatever their chosen identity was so they could feel comfortable. Many critics said this would open the doors for men to pretend they were trans to gain access to the women’s bathroom to harm women and little girls using the facilities.  Soon Target’s Facebook wall was on fire with posts from both sides of the announcement, with posts like the below. The American Family Association has issued a petition urging people to boycott the chain, with nearly a million signatures, but the allies are standing strong.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.25.25 PM

And one person has been trolling Target’s Facebook posters by pretending to be customer service.


In the middle of this, one Christian blogger on Facebook shared her own experience with a transgender woman in the women’s restroom.


The North Carolina bill isn’t the only one coming up either, and we should expect to see vocal support on both sides of the issue on social media. Finally, one photographer, with the permission of the parent and their trans child, has shared a photo of the young girl, asking “Do you want her to go to the men’s room?”

Allies of trans individuals have now taken to wearing buttons that say “I’ll Go with You” and using the hashtag #ILLGOWITHYOU to demonstrate that they will accompany any trans individual who needs to go the bathroom of their chosen gender identity to make sure they feel safe and comfortable.

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