TV Shows Cancelled Abruptly Leaving Cliffhangers


Twin Peaks

The series ended in 1991. In the finale, Agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, was trapped in the Black Lodge and the fate of Audrey Horne portrayed by Sherilyn Fenn was left to be decided. Those were few of the many things yet to be determined. However, the series ended abruptly and the makers have yet to come out with a third season.
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Although the producer of Deadwood, David Milch, mentioned that the series finale was written the way it was shown, fans of the show aren’t buying it because of all the loose ends.


Farscape was cancelled all of a sudden after the end of the fourth season with John Crichton (Ben Browder) and Aeryna Sun (Claudia Black) left crystallized. However, a subsequent miniseries titled, The Peacekeeper Wars, did manage to answer some of the questions.

Pushing Diaries

The show, Pushing Diaries, was on air for two seasons before going on a hiatus. However, the makers did come up with the final three episodes. Unfortunately, those episodes did little to satisfy its viewers.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, ended with a time jump to the future where no one knew who John Connor was. The show was inconveniently cancelled and fans of the show will never know where the writers were going with the plot.
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In the season finale, the character, Rembrandt, played by Cleavant Derricks, makes a jump that may or may not have killed him. The series was cancelled after that. Hence, no one knows if Rembrandt lived to tell the tale.

V (1984)

The show, V, never came back for season 2. Hence, we will never know what happened to Kyle (Jeff Yagher) who stowed away on a shuttle with a bomb placed on board by the Visitor leader, Diana (Jane Badler).


Carnivale, produced by the network, HBO, was cancelled after season two. The finale of season two ended with a cliff-hanger. Daniel Knauf, the creator of the series did release detailed insights about what would have happened had the show been extended, but none of those ideas were ever presented on film.


The 1980s series, Dallas, ended with Jesse Metcalfe’s character starting his car only to have it exploded. We will never know if he survived the explosion.

In the Flesh

The British zombie drama, In the Flesh, ended with an unresolved cliffhanger that led many to scratch their heads in disbelief. BBC Three didn’t do itself any favours by pulling the plug on this series.
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Kyle XY

Kyle XY started with a bang, but it couldn’t keep attracting viewers for long. Hence, the series had to be cancelled before the creators could come up with a fitting ending.

Las Vegas

Although originally planned to be a 22-episode fifth season, the show was cancelled after 19 episodes. The protagonists of the series were supposed to make a crossover appearance in NBC’s Knight Rider reboot, but that idea was shelved too.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

The series ended with a time-travelling H.G. Wells delivering a mystery baby wrapped in a Superman cape to Lois and Clark. We will never know who that baby was.
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Melrose Place 2.0

The rebooted Melrose Place 2.0 ended with Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) being dragged to prison. Since the season was cancelled after the first season, we’ll never know if Amanda got her revenge.

Mork and Mindy

In the season finale, the main characters, portrayed by Robin Williams and Pam Dawber, ended up in a time vortex with their faces missing and bodies altered. Seriously, we didn’t deserve this!

My Name is Earl

The series ended with the disclaimer “To Be Continued!” Unfortunately, the creators were not good on their promise and we will never know who fathered Joy’s baby.

Quantum Leap

The show, Quantum Leap, abruptly ended with the time traveller, Scott Bakula, lost in time. There were no answers whatsoever. Perhaps, the creators couldn’t come up with a plausible scientific explanation?
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V Rebooted

The rebooted V, much like the original series, left us with a cliff-hanger. The series ended with the fate of humanity in question. No one knows if humans survived the catastrophic events.


The series, Alcatraz, ended with the female protagonist supposedly dying. The finale also showed that the events that underwent in the prison simultaneously occurred in all the prisons across the country. There were too many questions left begging to be answered.


The series, Flashforward, was shelved after only one season owing to bad ratings and viewership. The finale involved a flash-forward event two decades into the future and it ended right there, leaving many questions to be answered.
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Happy Town

Although originally planned to be an eight episode supernatural mystery, Happy Town was cancelled after only six episodes. Although the final two episodes were uploaded online for the viewers, they never solved the mystery at the center of the show.


The show, Invasion, was touted to come back for the second season, but it never did. The series was cancelled after the first season, leaving everything up in the air.


The show, Alphas, really left us with an annoying cliff-hanger. We will never know if the entire population of New York died or were just unconscious.


Awake never woke up for a second season. It was shelved after its first season, leaving everyone following it thinking, “What just happened? ” If the makers had no intentions of providing a satisfactory conclusion, why did they even bother with the series to begin with?


The series, Reaper, was cancelled after its first season. The finale ended before a reveal that would have changed the whole of the show. Of course, now we are left to our own devices.
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Based on the movie, Legion, the series, Dominion, was set in the future where men fought angels. However, the series was cancelled after two seasons. There were two cliff-hangers and the death of a major character after the conclusion of the finale. Fans of the show can pray all they want, but this series is not getting revived!

Dark Shadows

The vampy soap opera, Dark Shadows, ended with time-travelling into the future with Victoria finding out the true identity of Barnabas, a 200-year-old vampire. It would have been interesting to see what would have developed next. Regrettably, the network didn’t think too highly of the series.

Odyssey 5

The show, Odyssey 5, revolved around the lives of five space travelers, bestowed upon with the opportunities to go back in time to prevent the obliteration of planet Earth. However, we will never know if they were successful in their attempt. The show ended with the disclaimer, “To be continued” on the screen.

The Dead Zone

The creators of The Dead Zone will never be forgiven. The show ended after six seasons with an unresolved cliff-hanger! The show ended with a vision of nuclear Armageddon with the plot suggesting that it could be partly Johnny’s fault.

Earth 2

The sci-fi series, Earth 2, ended abruptly, with everyone in the colony contracting a serious disease. The female protagonist, Devon Adair, played by Debrah Farentino, was also infected. We will never know if she was cured of her illness.

Forever Knight

So, what happened in the finale of the Canadian Vampire show, Forever Knight? Well, the 800-year-old vampire, Nick Knight, bit Natalie with high hopes of becoming a human. However, the plan backfired as the bite led her to the brink of death. Knight then asked to be stabbed with a stake? What happened next? Well, we’ll never know.
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Samurai Jack

The animated series, Samurai Jack, set in Feudal Japan, originally ran on Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2004. The series ended with a cliff-hanger, with the makers assuring that a feature-length movie would answer the unresolved cliff-hanger. It is almost 2017 now and there is no sign of a release yet.


Angel, the spin-off series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, left its loyal legions of fans completely unsatisfied after the final episode of its fifth season. The creator of the show, Joss Whedon, has been quoted saying, “Did I end it this way so that it could lead into an exciting sixth season? Yes, but this is still a final statement, if that’s what it needs to be.”

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

In the episodes leading up to the finale, Spidey discovers that his wife, Mary Jane, has been replaced by a clone and the real M.J. is lost in some kind of dimensional vortex. So, does Spidey find her? Well, we’ll never know as the show ended abruptly.

Stargate Universe

Inspired by the Stargate movie, the series, Stargate Universe, ended with the protagonist left on a space ship with a broken life-support pod. He only had a couple of weeks to wriggle out of the desolate plight. Did he manage? We’ll never know.
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The 70s series, Soap, ended with the protagonist of the show, Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond), about to face execution by a firing squad. So, was she executed?


The 80s show, Alf, ended abruptly. The finale showed the ALF (Alien Life Form) apprehended by the Alien Task Force. We’ll never know what happened to the alien since the show was inconveniently cancelled in 1990.


The NBC drama, Hannibal, ended with the titular character and Will falling off a cliff. The psychiatrist character portrayed by Gillian Anderson had also chopped her leg to feed it to Hannibal. And, that’s literally how the show ended. We’ll never know if Hannibal made it for supper.

The Secret Circle

The show, The Secret Circle, circled around the lives of young witches and it ended with some nonsense about a crystal skull and a mysterious group called, the Balcoin kids. The show only lasted one season.

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The Tomorrow People

The series, The Tomorrow People, ended abruptly right after revealing that the protagonist of the series could travel back in time. However, we will never know if the character played by Robbie Amell went back in time to save Cara. The show was cancelled after one season.

Bored to Death

The show, Bored to Death, ended after three seasons with Jason Schwartzman’s character finally identifying his biological father. The revelation also meant that he had been sleeping with his half-sister for quite some time. However, the show ended right after that, never revealing the “awkwardness” between the two lovers.

Chasing Life

Chasing Life revolves around the life of April Carver, played by Italia Ricci. While chasing her dreams, she finds out that she has cancer. And, in the finale of the second season, she packs her bags and heads off to Italy. So, did she die there? We’ll never know because the show was inconveniently cancelled after the second season.

Finding Carter

The second season of Finding Carter ended with Max turning himself in after killing Jared by hitting his head with a bottle. So, what happens to Max next? We have to let our imaginations run wild as the show never came back for the third season.

Joan of Arcadia

The show, Joan of Arcadia, ended with Joan getting a vision of God telling her that an evil adversary was about to come up. Just as Joan was preparing herself for a loftier purpose, the network pulled the plug on this series.

Off the Map

The series, Off the Map, ended with Mateo (Nicholas Rodriguez) lying on the ground in a pool of blood as his family’s cocaine field burned. However, we’ll have to guess what happened next as the filming of the second season never materialized.
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The Whispers

In the series, The Whispers, an alien race used Earth’s children in its quest for total domination of the world. The finale showed the protagonist (Lily Rabe) sacrificing herself to save her son. Since the show was unceremoniously cancelled, we’ll never know what happened to Lily’s character.

Angel from Hell

The CBS sitcom, Angel from Hell, was cancelled after only five episodes! Jane Lynch starred in the show as the guardian angel of a dermatologist played by Maggie Lawson.


The show, Legends, literally dug its own grave. In the second season, the creators reshuffled most of the original cast, confusing the viewers, in turn, decreasing viewership. The creators also included a confusing time-jumping structure plot scheme and the ratings spiralled downwards. Hence, it was cancelled after the second season leaving behind many unresolved cliffhangers.

Wicked City

Produced by the network, ABC, Wicked City followed the life of a serial killer, Kent, portrayed by Ed Westwick, in Los Angeles. Regrettably, the show went off the air after only three episodes and made its way to Hulu. Fans of the show that didn’t have access to Hulu didn’t get to see Kent killing people in Chicago in the finale.
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Heroes Reborn

The original Heroes TV series was a massive success. However, the rebooted series, Heroes Reborn, failed to live up to expectations and ended after 13 episodes. The reboot concluded with multiple unanswered questions.

Agent Carter

The Marvel series, Agent Carter, ended abruptly after two seasons. It ended with a shooter taking an important file on Agent Carter. What was in the file? And, why was it important?  Well, we’ll just have to use our imagination. However, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agent Carter dies of natural causes at an old age. Whatever was in the file was perhaps insignificant after all.

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