Are Women Really Attracted to Men Who Make Them Laugh?


If you ever wondered how that “not so good looking dude” is dating a smoking chick, look closely. You will probably see her laughing a lot. Laughing is one of the most sincere human reactions and one with the most positive effect. Everyone likes laughing. We all like to watch comedies that make us crack from laughing and be in the company of the person who is genuinely funny. This is universal and applies to both men and women. Women in particularly.

There is a lot of truth in the saying that “if you make a girl laugh, you have won her over.” Yes, the good looks are something that both sexes are attracted to, but it isn’t the only thing. Lots of girls say that they would pick a funny guy any day of the week, over the hot but boring dude. You may think that they are just avoiding being shallow, but they are telling the truth. If you don’t believe us, then believe science. There have been many scientific researchers conducted to determine a connection between humor and attractiveness. Somehow, they all got similar results.

Scientifically Approved!

French social researcher Nicolas Guéguen decided to put an end to the never-ending doubt: are women really attracted to men who have a sense of humor? He made a neat experiment where he studied women’s reaction (aged from 20 to 26) when approached by two guys. It was published in the Psychological Reports journal.

In the experiment, one of the guys spent 10 minutes entertaining his friends with jokes. Everyone were laughing at his jokes and were genuinely entertained by him. The other guy was just sitting calmly, listening to the jokes and laughing along. Guéguen wanted to see which guy would get more phone numbers. The study has shown that the girls are 5 times more likely to give their number to the funny guy than to the guy who just laughed along.

There are other studies who followed this experiment. And they all show a similar result. For example, there was a study conducted with the help of 51 pairs of single students. They were selected by random, not knowing each other in advance. Each pair was left alone in an observation room for 10 minutes. The pairs got no further instruction but wait. The observation showed that when men joked and females were laughing at these jokes, the chances for a romantically interest in each other were significantly higher.

Are Women Really Attracted to Men Who Make Them Laugh?

It’s Just Biology

Famous magazine “Men’s Health” did a survey where they asked more than 1,000 women aged from 21 to 51 about the number one quality they seek in a guy. Believe it or not, more than 75% of those women choose “humor”. Men with a sense of humor are considered to be more intelligent, which is one more thing women look in a partner. Women are more selective when it comes to choosing their partner. Men with a sense of humor are perceived as ones offering genetic benefit. That is just pure biology.

The fact that women are evolutionary predetermined to be attracted to humor has scientific grounds. In a research conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine, it has been concluded that women’s brain reacts more positively to humor. The researchers played numerous funny clips to boys and girls and tracked their brain activity. When the girls watched something funny, their brain activity increased in a positive way. This research showed that women are attracted by humor from the young age.

Men And Women Want Different Things

Like we said before, physical look is important to both sexes, but looks are just something that helps in the short term. If a woman starts dating a hot guy, she will be attracted to him for some time, but if he doesn’t know how to lead the conversation, to inspire her and make the relationship interesting, she will dump him. If a woman dates a guy with a sense of humor, she will not care too much about his looks, because he will make her laugh, he will always bring something fresh to the relationship. And that’s the thing women want. They want to be entertained. If you have humor, you have woman’s attention. Simple as that.

This, however, doesn’t work for both sexes. Multiple studies have shown that there isn’t a link between woman’s sense of humor and their attractiveness. It seems that men don’t like funny women. Psychologists Eric R. Bressler and Sigal Balshine did an independent small research comparing the preference of men and women for a funny partner. While women often wanted to a funny partner, men looked for women that would laugh at their jokes. They showed no desire to have a funny partner.

So the conclusion is that women are really attracted to men who have a sense of humor. If you are a man with a good sense of humor, don’t worry. You won’t be single for long. However, if you are a funny woman, you may want to keep that for yourself, at least for a few dates.

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